Ricoh CeBIT 2004
Ricoh at CeBIT 2004
A brand like Ricoh has to go through a lot of trouble to make itself visible as a supplier of digital cameras. Ricoh is the only brand with a booth in Hall 21, far away from all the digital camera force happening in Hall 1 and 2. The new Caplio RX camera is showed by Ricoh in their booth, but the location seems to be situated too far away for the camera enthusiast. The distance is simply too large and really too far away from the Digital Imaging Halls and therefore they will attract only the minimum attention.
The new Ricoh models are the Caplio 400G Wide in a water resistant and shock proof housing, the compact Caplio RX and the new Caplio RR330 camera. The models are all aimed at their proper target group, but I am curious to find out where these models will be sold. Looking at it from the Dutch market point of view, we met the Ricoh models often in office wholesales trade, but gradually we see various purchase organisations embracing Ricoh. Let's hope this development continues while also Ricoh offers many interesting digital cameras.
Hard to find: Ricoh in Hall 21
Ricoh FS-1000 USB stick with built-in camera
Or is it a camera with built-in USB stick?
The New Caplio 400G Wide
Waterproof, but not a mass-market product
A first glimpse of the new Caplio RX camera
The back of the Caplio RX
Black version of the Caplio RX camera
And again the back side of this new product