Pentax CeBIT 2004
Pentax at CeBIT 2004
The Pentax booth attracted a lot of, mainly male, visitors. The new Pentax models were displayed on high tables with almost man-sized magnifying glasses as to point out that the new Pentax models have become so small that you can hardly see them with the unaided eye! Herewith Pentax shows clearly the development of the ever reducing size of the digital camera. The neat red and black booth had another eye-catcher: a red settee on which the enthusiast was able to get his picture taken while seated in between two playmates from Playboy. No need to say that the opportunity was used with great enthusiasm; however the promoter of the Pentax cameras had a hard job trying to catch the audiences' attention while explaining the use of the latest cameras!
The new models Pentax introduced lately could all be looked at and held in your hands with the exception of the Optio MX. This model is still only available as a prototype design and is being displayed behind glass. Very striking is the fact that the *ist D SLR camera is not displayed more significantly to the audience. One has to really walk into the booth to notice the SLR camera around the corner; neither do they pay a lot of attention to the Pentax lenses, a missed opportunity?
The Pentax booth from the outside
The Pentax bar before opening hours
Above is the business room for retailers
Playboy and Pentax?
Ok, forget about the cameras
We read it all for the interview, don't we?
A visitor graps his change and gets captured
The Pentax photographer in action
Finally, a "private session"
The new Pentax OPTIO 43WR
It is hip to be 'square'
New OPTIO with enlarged LCD display
The front of the new OPTIO S40 camera The back side of the same camera
OPTIO MX, a mix between video and photo