Panasonic CeBIT 2004
Panasonic at CeBIT 2004
Panasonic is represented by a large booth. A new concept was introduced this year: Panasonic goes to the consumer and not the other way around! Various "Lumix" girls carrying the latest models attract the attention of the consumers, take pictures that consumers can pick up later and give information at the booth. This way the curiosity of the consumer is awakened and he or she gets a good impression of the versatility of the camera. The new Panasonic stabiliser system gets a lot of attention. The lens optics are bedded in a gel substance which stabilises the movements of the camera which makes it possible for the jitteriest hand to take sharp pictures. Panasonic ladies show us that photos taken on a test device, a moving underground, turn out as sharp as photos taken with a stable hand.

Panasonic exhibited the technology behind the cameras by making the inner techniques visible. Beside that cameras are showed in a dazzling show of rhythmical gym. As an ode to the sponsoring of the Olympic Games, that will be held in Greece.
The D-Snap line Panasonic added to its assortment also got a lot of attention. The visitors of the CeBIT think that the compact design is very interesting and continuously feel and touch the D-Snap models available at the booth. Interesting is the fact that these multi-media models are only one step away from a total multi-media experience, the cell phones. Our visit to the Hall in which Sony Ericsson is offering at a demonstration show that they have a new model cell phone that is the size of a D-Snap digital camera that will be introduced at the end of this year. The cell phone will then be equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel sensor and a digital zoom. At the rear of the cell phone a huge LCD monitor is found. In our opinion it will only be a matter of time before photography and telephony will melt together.
Panasonic: Official Olympic Sponsor
Every hour visitors enjoy the show
Playing live Olympic music
And we get a full drum session for free
Action everywhere…
Who beats who, the drums get louder
The trumpets blow all silence away
Gymnastic skills everywhere
It sure was a show full of action!
One of the entrances of Panasonic
Fantastic rotating LCD set up
Panasonic highlighted Lumix to their best
The Lumix DMC-LC50 camera
The back side of this compact model
The Lumix DMC-LC70: 4 Megapixels
Stylish and compact Lumix DMC-FX1
And a red colored Lumix DMC-FX5
The FX series is ultra-compact
Our friendly "Berlin" Panasonic girl
Demonstration of the anti-shake system
Holding the DMC-LC1 in one hand
DMC-FZ10 with a converter attached
Visitors are able to get their hands on it
From compact to massive
Panasonic and digital imaging
De D-SNAP cameras are attractive to see
And loved by a great number of visitors
Lumix DMC-FZ10 got lots of attention
Especially by the "older" generation
Lumix DMC-FZ10 resting on a gel pad