Olympus CeBIT 2004
Olympus at CeBIT 2004
Olympus' large booth is divided in four categories: Easy and Stylish, Creative and High-end, Voice processing and Digital Accessory System. At the Easy and Stylish department, many consumers are working out how to use a digital camera and make pictures to print them afterwards. Olympus got the message right: consumers visit a CeBIT to be able to get in direct contact with these strongly desired products. The visitors of the Olympus booth can take every model into their hands and get all the information they want from one of the many Olympus co-workers. The visitors get enthusiastic and get the opportunity to get closer to the product than ever before. Other retailers can learn their lesson from it.

At the Creative and High-end section we find consumers that are mainly interested in the Camedia C8080 WIDE ZOOM, a high resolution camera (8 Megapixels) and a 5x optical zoom lens starting at a wide-angle from 28mm. The CeBIT shows that the interest goes mainly to this model. As well as to the C770 Movie, that beside its photographic qualities also specialises in movie recordings. An interesting fact is that the internal flash consists of a so-called Twin Flash.

The underwater system at the Digital Accessory System section attracts a lot of attention because of its impressive appearance. Olympus' co-workers tell us that Olympus doesn't only want to deliver underwater housings to the consumer but Olympus wants to offer a whole underwater system. So the photographer will be completely and fully equipped to dive into the underwater photography!

Next to the booth and the presentations of all their products Olympus has made room for a full equipped professional studio. In this studio Olympus shows the possibilities of the Olympus E-System, by Kanjo Take, a Japanese photographer living in Germany. Kanjo Take uses the Olympus E-1 camera and photographs different settings. The impressive results are then printed on A4 sized paper through a digital mini-lab (1400 prints in one day) and are given away for free to the visitors. Beside that full size posters are showed separately on the booth and once again it is proven that resolution can be considered as less important: the poster sized prints are magnificent and don't leave anything to wish for.

A healthy welcome on the Olympus booth
Gallery made by photographer Kanjo Take
The eye-catching back side of the booth
Another side of the booth before opening
Demonstrating the new Camedia cameras
How close is close?
The big lens of the C-8080 WIDE ZOOM
But still a compact high resolution camera
Getting inside of a C-8080 WIDE ZOOM
The 4 Megapixel Camedia C-7070 Movie
Working with the Camedia P10 printer
6 Megapixels in one stylish compact body
The front of the new C-460 del Sol camera
"You push the button and we..."
Slick and fashionable: Mju 410 Digital
One from the series underwater cases
Experiencing the underwater world
The new complete underwater system!
New MAUSB-100 xD Picture USB reader
The reader out of the box
And with a 256MB xD Picture card inserted
The Olympus studio attracts many visitors
Setting the scene to a perfect one
Pose… capture the pose
Kanjo Take in action!
Posing is not that easy
Another snap shot of one of the models
The E-System and all of its awards
Olympus receives the Golden DIWA Awards
Two Golden DIWA Awards for Olympus