Nikon CeBIT 2004
Nikon at CeBIT 2004
The large and strikingly coloured booth of Nikon in the colours yellow and black, is divided well-organised with clear information desks for Digital SLR cameras, Hobbyist and Enthusiast and Professionals. Enhanced information is being given to the many interested visitors. In the centre of the booth Nikon shows the fantastic results by means of a photo gallery. Professional portraits, landscapes etc are exhibited. There is also a contest element by which one can win a Smart car for the best photo taken of a 'hidden smile'. The smiles are found all over the booth, made from different materials.

In the centre of the booth Nikon demonstrates the D2H. A real studio has been set up: the Wireless Image Transmission Studio, where the professional photographer Roberto Schirdewahn from Fotodesign, is photographing models the entire day. The photos are printed on an Epson printer the PPPS (Epson Professional Portrait Printing System). This printer delivers high quality perfect colour prints, black and white etc. The settings of this printer can be stored and saved so when ordering the same prints in 3 or 10 years time they will be of the exact same colours as today's print. "The four advantages of this printer are:

1. Perfect print quality. 2. The business concept which means that Epson delivers the complete service concerning maintenance and in case of problems so the photographer can focus on taking pictures only and doesn't have any concerns about the printer. 3. Quick and easy software with the possibility to set templates and to create templates, so prints at A4 size, credit card size etc, can be reproduced very quickly. 4. Only correct prints have to be paid. One doesn't have to pay for the failures amongst the prints, which saves costs." According to Martin Koswig from Epson Europe.

Very striking was the fact that Nikon only had 4 models of the D70 to show at the booth. One would expect this model to be the highlight of the show and be of main interest looking at it from the Nikon point of view. The interest of the consumer and the CeBIT visitors for this new affordable SLR model is large and the D70 is expected to be the big hit for Nikon for the year 2004.

A part of the Nikon booth from above
Stylish, colorful and all Nikon colored
Another entrance of the Nikon booth
The slogan of the day at the Nikon show floor All "hidden" smiles waiting to be captured
The price of the CeBIT: a Smart car!
Roberto Schirdewahn in action
One of the photos made by Roberto
Using the Nikon D2H with wireless module
A photo gallery with some of Roberto's work
Captured and wireless send to a workstation
A visitor takes a closer look at an index print
Some snap shots of a model at Nikons booth
Posing during the whole day!
But prepared to stay focused! Thanks!
A new working flow from Epson
Epson Professional Portrait Printing System
A paper cartridge for multi-format printing
The almost guaranteed hit: Nikon D70
Nikon D70: a closer look of the front
The top of the eagerly awaited D70 camera
The new compact Coolpix 5200 camera
8 Megapixels! - Nikon Coolpix 8700
Ultra fast, the beast within: Nikon D2H