Casio CeBIT 2004
Kyocera at CeBIT 2004
The large booth from Kyocera is visited well. In a small corner the attention is given to the range of the present digital cameras that Kyocera has in her assortment. The attention of the consumer is mainly attracted by the attractive coloured cameras showed in a glass column. Mr. Peter Jefimiec tells us that it is possible to order a coloured outside as a sticker. Every two months the pattern is changed, and can be ordered through the new website: Kyocera goes on individualising its cameras: an outside pattern can be ordered according to the wish of the consumer, a leather outside is possible as well as an onyx outside, which stands for luck and power. It is even possible to make your own design and have it produced by Kyocera, so you have your own unique design on the outside of your camera!
The new models launched at the PMA show in Las Vegas, can also be admired at the Kyocera booth. The new Finecam SL410R, black, will be available in Europe; the silver coloured version (Finecam SL400R) will be available on the American and Japanese market. The black version, Finecam SL410R, features the possibility to equip the optical lens with an adapter which can take diverse converters with a diameter size of 52mm. This way the camera can be provided with more wide-angle, a larger macro range or more telephoto.
Kyocera is in - Yashica brand is out!
Personalized and fashionable digital cameras
The new Kyocera Finecam M410R
The silver colored Finecam SL-300R camera
New 4 Megapixel Kyocera Finecam SL-400R
The black colored Finecam SL-300R camera