Konica Minolta CeBIT 2004
Konica Minolta at CeBIT 2004
At first sight the Konica Minolta booth, of course in the colours of the logo, seems very impressive but when we focus on the digital camera assortment there is only a small corner showing this subject. Even the prototype digital SLR camera recently introduced at the PMA in Las Vegas, has to put up with a nearly invisible spot. As a result of this many visitors pass by without being able to admire this future showpiece.

The long queue of people neatly waiting in front of the booth makes us suspicious to think that everybody wants to admire the new DiMAGE G600. But it turns out differently: Konica Minolta is giving away stylish bleu buckets with popcorn! One of the co-workers from Konica Minolta tells us that a rumour has been spread amongst the public that Konica Minolta has hidden one of his cameras in one of the buckets. Unfortunately for the public the rumour is what a rumour is: a rumour and not the truth! All the same the buckets are warmly welcomed.

The Konica Minolta theme during this show is: 'The most perfect perfection'. With this slogan in mind Konica Minolta developed the DiMAGE G600 that was introduced during the CeBIT. The show is enriched by a fashion parade where a number of models walk the cat-walk of course accompanied by the new Konica Minolta camera. The public is invited to make pictures of the models or can have his or her picture taken with the models. To complete the picture it would have been nice if the visitors were invited to use one of Konica Minolta's digital cameras.
A small pillar with some of the latest cameras
The front of the new DiMAGE G600 camera
A very basic back design of the DiMAGE G600
Early prototype of the Konica Minolta SLR
The front of the new Konica Minolta Dynax 7
A closer look at the back of the new SLR
A Fashion show at the booth
Of course captured with Konica Minolta
5 Models in a row during the show
The photographer used a DiMAGE A2 camera
Again fashion, where are the cameras?
Well, forget about the cameras!