Kodak CeBIT 2004
Kodak at CeBIT 2004
The large Kodak booth, of course in the colours of Kodak, attracts a lot of attention. The new cameras with the Easy Share System are really wanted by the public. A co-worker form Kodak shows the different models and explains the difference in specifications. The mat grey LS753, 5 Megapixel camera is being held often by the visitors and tried out. Also the light grey LS743 attracts the attention. Beside the extensive camera assortment, Kodak also offers various print solutions, photo kiosks and professional applications. In the back of the booth Kodak has cleared a small spot to create a studio in which one can try out the new DCS Pro/C professional camera (Canon mount) and take pictures of a model. The results are printed on a large size printer and on the new Kodak Professional 6800 printer and showed to the public.
The new Kodak DCS Pro/C will be expected available around April/May 2004. We ask ourselves, when will Kodak put a step towards focussing on the entry level market? If Kodak would succeed in delivering a professional SLR camera with a relatively low price, would it be possible to serve that entry level market? The first show to come up is the Photokina in Germany. During our visit at the CeBIT and our interviews with several people from the Digital Imaging Industry, one thing is for sure: Photokina is the place to be!
One of the entrances of the Kodak booth
Who is demonstrating who? Kodak is Olympic 2004 sponsor
The front of the new EasyShare LS743 camera
A beautifully designed back of the new LS753
The latest EasyShare LS753: 5 Megapixels
Friendly priced 6 Megapixel DX7630 camera
The Print station 6000; a handy accessory
The front of the EasyShare CX7430
Mark gets explained all "ins and outs"
EasyShare software: a user-friendly menu
The new LS cameras are ultra compact!
The new Kodak Photo Printer 6800
Less buttons for higher quality
The box where the printers are collected
Mark and the new DSC Pro/c in his hands
The new SLR with Canon mount
The naked truth: Kodak DSC Pro/c front
Li-ion battery inserted into the body
Anyone thinks this one looks familiar?
CompactFlash type I and II slot
DSC Pro/c side and looking good!
Shot with the new SLR and printed out large!
Beautiful details unveiled with Kodak software