Fujifilm CeBIT 2004
Fujifilm at CeBIT 2004
Just like at every CeBIT show the Fujifilm booth is flashy coloured and dominantly present. This booth shows the essence of a photographic brand: digital cameras, printers, photo kiosks, studio, software solutions, accessories and even printing solutions for the mobile imaging products. This latter group in general is being ignored by the traditional camera manufacturers. It seems that by not talking or thinking about photography by a cell phone, they hope it will disappear. However, by walking many CeBIT meters, finally in Hall 25 we are confronted with a mobile imaging world that is threatening to put the entry level digital photography market upside down. Mobile Imaging and Megapixels are going to be real soon and in our opinion the entry level market will have to make room for a large amount of new players (brands.)

At the booth Fujifilm shows that they have been thinking about this phenomenon and show, by means of demonstrations and products, that they are more or less ready to take on and process the images of mobile phones. Of course one can not (yet) compare quality but an important advantage goes to the mobile phone and not to the digital camera: it is 'cool' to carry around a mobile phone with a camera and Fun features!

Just like the time of the PMA show in Las Vegas the new Fujifilm FinePix S3 PRO camera can be found behind glass. Around it the whole digital camera assortment of Fujifilm is situated, so every visitor gets a good opportunity to get acquaintance with one of the new Fujifilm digital cameras. Striking is the fact that the new FinePix F710 was not showed, as it is available on the European market. Visitors were invited to borrow the FinePix F700 during their visit on the show, to use and try out the camera in practice.

According to us Fujifilm has succeeded (again) in putting down an impressive and fascinating booth, in which the staff is visibly doing the best they can to assist the visitor in her or his quest.

Two FujiFilm employees full enthusiasm
Compact print solution for mobile imaging
Backside with compartment for AA batteries
Fujifilm's Digital Mobile printer with Instax film
Sending the images wireless to the printer
A print from an image made with a mobile
Demonstration of the latest Fujifilm Photo kiosk Loaded with several memory slots
Photo kiosk with built cash desk
Thomas Herbrich demonstrating new technique Visitors looking at the demonstration
A visitor scanned by Thomas
Mark with a prototype S3 PRO in his hands
The FinePix S3 PRO with firm hand grip
Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro on top
The back side with the dual LCD displays
Firm and trust worthy body of the new S3
The FinePix S3 PRO naked
The Fujifilm compact print station for retailers
Transferring an image to the new printer
90 seconds later a 10x15cm quality print
The menu of the latest Photo kiosk
Inside of the Photo kiosk where the money is
Part of the hardware of the new kiosk
The latest FinePix S20 Pro camera
Ultra compact FinePix F610 on a palm top
FinePix A330 resting in a docking station
The new entry-level FinePix A120
Beautifully demonstrated by a Fujifilm employee
The FinePix A120 with closed lens cover
Free prints made by Fujifilm from visitors
The Fujifilm photographer in action
Another wall of free prints in the Fujifilm studio
The new FinePix A340 camera
FinePix A340: liked or disliked?
The back side of the new A340 camera