Casio CeBIT 2004
Casio at CeBIT 2004
The Casio booth is well visited. The booth is conveniently arranged and is supplied with many different digital cameras that can be touched, held and tried out by the visitors. Although Epson is not present at the CeBIT show with its own booth (neither is HP) they have supplied several booths with an Epson printer or various printers. The co-workers of Casio demonstrate how to make a beautiful print very easily with an equally beautiful digital camera. The introduction of the USB Direct interface is a convenient solution to print a file from a camera on a printer fast and in a user-friendly way without needing a computer.

The new camera models like the QV-R41 and the EXILIM series EX-Z30 and EX-Z40 attract a lot of attention. The compact sizes of the cameras appeal to many visitors and we can say for a fact that Casio's EXILIM series has been a good move. The new EXILIM EX-P600 is also interesting for many consumers. A disadvantage of these cameras may be that from the outside one can't see the real qualities of a camera anymore.

The compact EXILIM versions show their main weapon straight away: their compact size. An EXILIM EX-P600 needs the high resolution and other arms to come out on top. In between all the compact models the showpiece is lying there somewhat lost. A model like this one has to be shown to the public in a more direct way.

The last few years Casio has worked hard to build up their reputation and was able to increase their market share every year. The current Casio assortment is very interesting with potential selling hits amongst them. It won't surprise us, if Casio makes the step in the direction of a more professional or semi-professional level...

Two Casio colleagues working with a smile
The latest Casio cameras are available
Casio EXILIM in the spotlight!
The latest Casio QV-R41 digital camera
The backside with its large TFT LCD display
The 5 Megapixel Casio QV-R51 digital camera
Visitors waiting for the live Casio show
First row: Casio entertainment!
Demonstrating the latest Casio products
The ultra-small Casio EXILIM EX-Z40 camera
Its little brother the EXILIM EX-Z30 camera
The backside of the EXILIM is impressive!
The latest Casio topper: EXILIM PRO EX-P600
Compact, but full of power and high resolution
The backside of the PRO EX-P600 camera
The DIWA Award winning Casio QV-R40
Handing over the DIWA Award to Casio
Silver DIWA Award in its full glory