LetsGoDigital - CeBIT 2003 - Live Showfloor Coverage
Kodak Professional begins shipping DCS Pro 14n cameras
Kodak Professional began shipping its DCS Pro 14n digital camera two weeks ago, which means the first units arrives at Kodak-authorized dealers during this month. The DCS Pro 14n camera - featuring a 13.89 Megapixel, full-frame sensor, magnesium body for exceptional durability, basic and advanced operation settings, and the ability to capture high-quality images at three different resolutions -arrives in time for the CeBIT 2003 in Hanover, Germany
The DCS Pro 14n camera exhibits some variances in the specifications that were cited at its introduction at the Photokina 2002 show last September. For example, shots per battery charge are rated at 400, up a third from the announced 300 shots. The camera, originally configured to accept a 3GB storage card, will accept 4 GB flash cards once they come available. Enhancements are planned for the file transfer rate (dependent upon third-party software capabilities); jpeg burst depth and long exposure settings. Activation of the camera's MMC/SD slot will be part of an upcoming firmware upgrade. And improvements to ISO range will be sought. Effective ISO range is now 80-800 at 50 percent (3.4 Megapixel) and 67 percent (6 Megapixel) resolution, and 80-400 at 100 percent (13.5 Megapixel) resolution.
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Due to the tremendous interest in and demand for the camera, it probably will be several months before every currently open back order can be filled. For most countries, Kodak Professional has instituted an allocation plan to help ensure an equitable distribution of cameras.