LetsGoDigital - CeBIT 2003 - Live Showfloor Coverage
Epson unveils new generation digital cameras and a new printer
We already informed you about an upcoming camera introduction from Epson this week. Today Epson is ready to unveil their new PhotoPC L-300 and L-200 digital cameras to the world. Besides a new series of digital cameras Epson also introduces a new printer - Stylus Photo 830U - a direct follow-up of the Stylus Photo 830 printer. These new products among many more are presented at the booth of Epson during this CeBIT 2003 event held in Germany - Hanover. Epson' s new PhotoPC L-300 and L-200 digital cameras were developed to meet the needs of entry-level and intermediate-level users, and offer a superb combination of image quality and operating ease. The new L-Series feature the Epson-exclusive PhotoPC Engine, a built-in processor, which acts as a PC to allow direct printing to a wide range of Epson Stylus Photo printers - standalone models and PC-centric models including entry-level models such as the new Stylus Photo 830U. Not only does the PhotoPC Engine handle Direct Print functions such as JPEG Data Compression, PRINT Image Matching II and Exif Print data processing it also allows you to manipulate your image through resizing and rotating. The results are quick, convenient prints with the image looking exactly how you want it.
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The PhotoPC L-300 is equipped with a 3-megapixel class CCD, while the PhotoPC L-200 is equipped with a 2-megapixel class CCD. Both cameras feature a pin-sharp 3x optical zoom lens, and Epson' s exclusive engine for high-quality DirectPrint capability. Innovative energy-saving circuitry means longer battery life for extended shooting capability. The cameras use four standard AA alkaline batteries - available almost anywhere - and they are among the most compact cameras in their class. So you never have to worry about the availability and expense of special battery packs or power adapters.
Exif Print technology ensures superb image quality with minimal effort, and exclusive Epson PIM II technology ensures that the camera's imaging characteristics are accurately reflected in the final print. A primary-colour CCD provides outstanding colour fidelity, while the PhotoPC Engine's sophisticated image-processing algorithms maximise the performance potential of Epson Stylus Photo printers. Epson' s exclusive built-in Photo Framing (P.I.F) adds a whole new dimension of fun and creativity to digital photography. It lets the user add attractive frames to any photo. A wide selection of frames are provided in the box, on the memory card and even built into the camera. The frames can be applied either before or after the photo has been taken, making it easy to line the subject up on the LCD screen or add a fun frame at a later date. The photos can then be printed directly with or without the frame, whichever the occasion calls for.
Constructed of high-grade aluminium and stainless steel, the compact lightweight bodies are durable, attractive and exceptionally easy to handle. Other features include four different flash modes and Portrait, Landscape & Macro modes that adjust the relevant depth-of-field settings automatically. Video Clip and Continuous Shooting modes are also standard on both models. For the more experienced user, the Exposure Compensation, ISO Sensitivity and White Balance can all be manually adjusted through the user-friendly interface.
More specifications of the PhotoPC L-300 and L-200 are: Exclusive PhotoPC Engine for quick and easy direct printing, 2.0 Megapixel (L-200) and 3.24 Megapixel (L-300) image quality, built-in photo framing technology for creative photo-framing fun, compact, ergonomic aluminium & steel body, 3x optical zoom lens (F2.8-4.9) with edge-to-edge sharpness, 16 MB SD card (L-300) / 8MB SD card (L-200) included, low power requirements ensure a long battery life from standard AA batteries and PRINT Image Matching II enabled, for true to life colour prints (compatible Epson Stylus Photo Printer required).
Pricing of the L-300 and L-200 are: PhotoPC L-300 €449 standalone and €499 bundle with Stylus Photo 830U, PhotoPC L-200 €349 standalone and €399 bundle with Stylus Photo 830U. The new Epson products will be launched May 1st 2003. Besides the new camera introductions Epson is also introducing a new photo printer. Epson's entry-level photo printer has been refreshed to the Stylus Photo 830U. Replacing the Stylus Photo 830 it has been designed as a low cost solution for digital camera owners and photo enthusiasts wanting high quality photo printing capabilities with the emphasis on fun and ease of use. With its sleek metallic exterior, the Stylus Photo 830U is equipped with two USB ports, one conveniently located at the front of the printer allowing easy connection to Epson' s new range of digital cameras the PhotoPC L-200 and L-300, which enables direct print functionality.
Whether a first time purchase, or an upgrade, the Stylus Photo 830U is equipped with all the necessary features that the entry-level home user will want in terms of printing performance. With fast printing speeds for photo or general home printing applications, Epson' s proven Micro PiezoTM print head technology maintains high quality without compromising speed. Capable of printing up to an optimised resolution of 5760dpi on certain media, this is key to maintaining high definition, finer detail and smoother gradations.