LetsGoDigital - CeBIT 2003 - Live Showfloor Coverage
CeBIT 2003 introduction: New Canon Bubble jet i450 printer
During the CeBIT 2003 event Canon Europe launches the i450, a truly breakthrough product for its price, offering top quality photo printing and mono and colour documents at record-breaking speeds. With new high 4800x1200dpi resolution using advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology, Canon's Micro-Nozzles and a new 2pl drop size, the Canon Bubble Jet i450 delivers even greater quality printed documents with images of an unsurpassed level of detail. Printing at this higher resolution allows more ink to be placed on the paper and a greater colour range shown. Equally importantly, by using Canon's 10-micron diameter Micro-Nozzles (approximately 40% smaller than its nearest competitor), the i450 ensures consistent 2pl droplet size, accurate drop placement- crucial to high quality photo printing. The new 2pl ink drop size used in the i450 serves to reduce graininess of photos, whether printed on plain or photo paper. It gives photo quality close to that achieved with traditional 6-colour printers.
Utilising Canon's unique head manufacturing process, the Micro-Nozzles are of greater precision than those of rival printers. Not only are the nozzles smaller and narrower, they are also half the length of their nearest rival, allowing quicker ink replenishment at the nozzle, therefore delivering consistent ink droplets with ultimate drop placement on paper. Micro-Nozzles are contributing to new levels of photo quality without sacrificing print speed. The printer boasts improved mono print speeds of 18ppm and 12ppm straight out of the box performance - the fastest of any inkjet in its class, according to Canon's tests. The i450 manages to increase print speed by 30% over its predecessor thanks to mechanical enhancements to the auto paper feeder, carriage movement, and a longer mono head that prints on one pass, bi-directionally. Photo print speeds are also the fastest in its class, a 4"x 6" photo with 1200dpi prints in approx. 62 seconds.
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The direct print function makes it possible to print photos directly from compatible Canon digital camera or digital video camera by simply inserting connecting a cable from the camera to i450's. By eliminating the need to download images into a PC first, this makes for even quicker, easier and more convenient output. The i450 also includes Canon Digital Photo Color, which uses optimised colour profiling to give faithful reproduction of photo images with special enhancements in the colours that users prefer. Exif Print 2.2 (software that allows extra information taken by the digital camera to further enhance print colour and quality without using a PC) is also included in the i450.
There are a number of other digital imaging software features in the i450, such as Canon Easy-PhotoPrint, Photo Noise Reduction and Vivid Photo technology that together further enhance the faithfulness of rendition, quality and naturalness, improve pictures taken in poor light and generally make the i450 a breakthrough product in terms of photo quality and speed combined in one product. The Canon i450 is fitted with a USB interface, and supports all popular Windows and Mac operating systems.