LetsGoDigital - CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia 2003 show Report
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Panasonic D-Snap SV-AS10
Among the new D-Snap products Panasonic introduced during the CeBIT Eurasia Bilisim 2003 event was the very slick and stylish designed D-Snap SV-AS10 camera. If you are into gadgets or fashionable products the SV-AS10 is the thing that will catch your eye! There are many moments where you would wish you had your camera with you, but due to the dislike of dragging a camera along you left it at home.. The new SV-AS10 from Panasonic is just the camera to keep in your pocket forever. Thanks to the SD memory card, the camera measures about 1 centimetre (9,9mm thin and 13,5mm at the lens). At only 57 grams it weighs less than any pack of cards.
There are no limits to photo fun with this D-snap. Weighing no more than 57 grams, it offers an image quality with 2 million pixels. Thanks to the 5x digital, the SV-AS10 is also capable of capturing motifs at a larger distance. With the help of the revolving lens you can easily stage yourself, too: The lens can be turned by 180 degrees and thus makes it possible to take self-portraits and unusual takes from extraordinary angles as, for instance, over the heads of a crowd or around a corner. The image can, of course be controlled via display. Even series of pictures are possible: D-snap takes up to 3 shots a second. Thanks to the built-in flash, you can use the camera all-round during the day. Three different photo mode macros (for close-ups up to a closeness of 10 centimetres), night-time scene and auto always set the motif into the right light. The multi-talent also takes moving pictures with 320x240 pixels. A nice feature: photos with your personal comment. Use it for business? The SV-AS10 can also be used as a voice recorder.
To avoid difficult and slow operating steps from impeding the fun factor, all the functions of the SV-AS 10 can be controlled via the practical jogball. It is therefore easy to riffle through the stored images, to edit photos or to compose them as slide shows, at any place and without PC and a tangle of cables. The SV-AS10 would not be a D-snap, if it did not have another neat feature: apart from a digital camera, it is also a music player for MP3, AAC and WMA formats. One charged battery guarantees 10 hours of the best of sounds for your ears. The player can be controlled, without having to take it out of your pocket, via remote cable control. The super compact AS10 even has an integrated loudspeaker. The SD sensation SV-AS10 will be available in October in the colours silver, blue and orange. The estimated price will be Euro 329.