LetsGoDigital - CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia 2003 show Report
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Panasonic D-Snap SV-AV100
Panasonic is presenting a new trend with a line of D-Snap products. One of those trendy gadgets is the first MPEG2 SD camcorder in the world, the SV-AV100. The size of a credit card, the quality of a DVD. During the CeBIT Eurasia Bilisim event Panasonic showed us its latest revolution on the small camcorder market. The D-snap SV-AV100 is the first MPEG2 SD camcorder in the world. It weighs around 156 grams and its dimensions of 3.32x8.98x6.49 centimetres make it as small as a credit card. Technically, however, it is in no way inferior to the "big ones". Its secret: as all products of the new D-snap series, SV-AV100 operates with an SD memory card, a storage medium that is no bigger than a postage stamp. Thus the space that is usually used for a video cassette could be saved and no moving parts had to be integrated. This is what makes the SV-AV100 not only smaller and handy but also useful in all circumstances.
The SV-AV100 has a very stylish and modern design, but has a truly "state-of-the-art" on the inside. The D-snap records in MPEG2 format that is also used in DVD videos, and in MPEG4 format. Together with the high-resolution 800,000 pixel CCD and the 10x optical zoom the SV-AV100 offers the optimal freedom to capture all your moments. Thanks to the image equalizer no photo is blurred. In addition spontaneous photo snapshots are made by the camera in VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels).
Despite its super compact design the SV-AV100 is super easy to operate. The display menu is operated fast and easy, which makes it simple for the user to edit the recorded film material directly on the spot, to draw up play lists and much more. All data can be seen on the 2.5 inch display. To ensure that the best angle of vision is always given in the playback, it can be easily rotated in various positions. But, for those who would rather enjoy their most wonderful memories in "large size", simply connect the D-snap to the base station, with which all recordings can be transmitted to a TV set or via USB to the computer. Recharging the gear is just as practical, the base station is also a battery charger. Or you can transmit your shots via SD-Slot of the DMR-E100 to the hard drive. You can also store telecasts in MPEG4-format, recorded with the DMR-E100, directly on the SD Memory Card to view them later on the go using the SV-AV100. The included 512 MB SD memory card has a data-transfer-rate of 10MB/sec. on which up to 20 minutes of video in MPEG2 format or several hours MPEG4 video can be recorded. Also included is the MediaStage software, with which all the takes can easily be edited and stored on the PC, a remote control, a carrier bag and carrier loop. D-snap SV-AV100 will be available around October 2003. An estimated price will be Euro 1299.