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LetsGoDigital Online Magazine, founded in 2001, is a multi-lingual website about Digital Imaging. Thanks to the great respect and big appreciation we got from the Industry we have managed to become one of the Top websites in Digital Imaging. Designed and maintained by professional web specialists, photographers and journalists, LetsGoDigital provides her readers with the most comprehensive, informative, and up-to-date digital imaging information anywhere available. And all this in your own language, LetsGoDigital features 7 language editions: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish and Swedish. The editions are maintained separately, with editors in each country, all controlled and coordinated from the Headquarter in the Netherlands. All editions are specified on their own market, will be updated daily with fresh content, including news articles about digital cameras, printers, scanners, flash memory, image sensors, projectors and much more, and once a week a new digital camera review.

LetsGoDigital offers her readers the following features:

» News articles
» Product announcements
» Camera reviews & Previews
» Digital Camera database with up to 1300 digital cameras
» Compare digital cameras
» Digital camera adviser
» SLR lens database
» Image Gallery
» Flash Memory overview
» Card readers overview
» And more...
Advertising options
LetsGoDigital offers different advertising possibilities. The most common form of advertising are the banner spots on our frontpage. Three different banner sizes are displayed here and are exclusive to your advert. With our expertise we can deliver you the banner you want, also Flash is no problem for our team. Of course it is also possible to deliver us a banner, which we will place on the website. Most of our advertisers are Digital Camera and Flash memory manufacturers. But also other companies, seeking for an opportunity to let a bigger audience get known with their product or service make a good decision by advertising on LetsGoDigital, while we do not only publish about Digital Cameras, but look at Digital Photography on a larger perspective.
• Banner Position 1: Offers you maximum exposure on the frontpage, and is mostly used for big commercial campaigns, in which new innovative products are highlighted.

• Banner Position 2: Visible on the frontpage and a very popular spot on LetsGoDigital. The spot is common used as a thematic banner. Not rarely it is linked to a review of a digital imaging product.

• Banner Position 3: Gives you maximum exposure on all pages within LetsGoDigital. Often used to link to new services and smaller companies seeking for a big audience.
Supported banner sizes and specifications
Position 1 - 300x400 Pixels [actual size]
Position 1  Banner specifications
Display: Frontpage only
Bannersize: 300 x 400 pixels
Maximum file size: 70kb
Banner formats: JPEG, GIF, Flash
Sound: not allowed
Image rotation: Possible for advertising longer than 1 month.
Animation: Possible
Position 1 - 300x400 Pixels
Position 2 - 200x220 Pixels [actual size]
Position 2  Banner specifications
Display: Frontpage only
Bannersize: 200 x 220 pixels
Maximum file size: 35kb
Banner formats: JPEG, GIF, Flash
Sound: not allowed
Image rotation: Possible for advertising longer than 1 month.
Animation: Possible
Position 2 - 200x220 Pixels
Position 3 - 330x140 Pixels [actual size]
Position 3  Banner specifications
Display: All pages
Bannersize: 330 x 140 pixels
Maximum file size: 35kb
Banner formats: JPEG, GIF, Flash
Sound: not allowed
Animation: Possible
Position 3 - 330x140 Pixels
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LetsGoDigital Online Magazine has already runned many big and smaller campaigns. Brands such as SanDisk, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, Casio, MecGlobal, Colorvision and Köln Messe runned more than once different kind of campaigns on LetsGoDigital Online Magazine.

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Google News gathers stories from official news sources in English worldwide, and automatically arranges them to present the most relevant news first. Topics are updated every 15 minutes.

Current LetsGoDigital Publications

After reading this page you will understand why LetsGoDigital is the perfect place to market your digital imaging products! Whether you're a reseller selling cameras, flash memory, or a manufacturer trying to plug your new product, you can't find a better audience than right here at LetsGoDigital Online Magazine.

Rates and website statistics are available upon request. Discounts are offered based on the campaign length and the advertising choice. We also offer package deals for advertising in different editions. If you like to receive additional information regarding advertising on LetsGoDigital, please feel free to contact us:
LetsGoDigital Online Magazine
The Netherlands
phone: +31 61 888 7660
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P.O. Box 56743
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LetsGoDigital Special Event Coverage

LetsGoDigital also produces the number one coverages for all the big international imaging show events. Live from the Showfloor we provide our readers every year with a new fresh concept in which we highlight all the new imaging products. The following domains are subsidiaries of LetsGoDigital:

International Federation of Journalists LetsGoDigital is member of:
The International Federation of Journalists since 2002
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