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BenQ DC 5330 price - review rating - digital camera prices

BenQ DC 5330 review

Average user rating: 35%

Brand BenQ
Type DC 5330
Resolution 3.14 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 2720x2040 pixels
Optical zoom Si
LCD screen size unknown
Video function Si
Dimensions 96x61x38

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BenQ DC 5330 specification

BenQ DC 5330 Reviews from camera owners

Piet Bergen - The Netherlands
August 31st 2005 - 15:50 GMT

Hmm, a BenQ. It's not a camera specialised company so that's always a bit doubtful. And I was right. Before this camera I had a Olympus and a Fujifilm in my hands, and this camera annoyed me. It's very very slow, let's say a shutter lag of 2 seconds and 10 seconds before you can take the next picture. The 3x optical zoom makes an incredible noise and every time you use it you're gonna ask yourself when it will break. Photo quality is below average but not awful. Daylight pictures can be print till A4 and still be nice. Night pictures? Just don't print them, you don't see the picture trough the noise. Oke, is there nothing positive? Yes there is, you got audio at your movie and the camera feels solid. Also the li-ion works great. 140 euro's *snif*

personal rating: 35%

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