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  Mark Peters is the coordinator of LetsGoDigital. He lives in the Netherlands and has his residence in Emst. For his professional background he has specialized himself in IT. Mark is occupied with the management of the multilingual Internet site LetsGoDigital. Beside LetsGoDigital Mark also looks after the Internet site of DIWA-Awards. Mark's interest in digital photography started with the arrival of the digital camera. Recently he has upgraded his equipment with the Nikon D70.
  Dennis Hissink is the editor of LetsGoDigital and he is living in the Netherlands, having his residence in Apeldoorn. His interest in (digital) photography comes from his professional background as a retailer as which he has been active for quite some years. Beside the responsibility for the English - and the Dutch edition of LetsGoDigital he is active in the DIWA Awards organization. The reviews for LetsGoDigital are made by Dennis. For the product shots and reports he uses the Nikon D100 camera.
  José Snijders translates everything that is necessary within the team of LetsGoDigital. She lives in the Netherlands and has her residence in Nieuw-Vennep. José has broad interests, amongst other things: languages. She frequently acts as the much needed connection between our colleagues so that the communication between Spanish-English, Dutch-English and French-English, etc. and vice versa happens smoothly. José operates in the background most of the time but she is a valuable colleague within the team of LetsGoDigital.
  Koert Buijze is the programmer within the team of LetsGoDigital. His knowledge in the field of XML, XSL, PHP and other program techniques is large and he does not hesitate to explore new techniques. Beside maintenance of the technique behind the Internet site he manages several other large projects too. A lot of techniques are not directly visible, but are running fast and furious in the background. Koert lives in the Netherlands and has his residence in Tienhoven.
  Toni Fernandez is the editor of the Spanish edition of LetsGoDigital, he lives in Spain and has his residence in Barcelona. Toni is the 'old' veteran in this profession and has a lot of experience within photography. Beside his responsibility for the Spanish edition of LetsGoDigital Toni also manages his own website. Moreover Toni writes as a freelancer for a number of Spanish-written illustrated magazines that appear monthly or per trimester in large-scale issues.
  Raphaël Lessinger is living in France and has his residence in Monistrol sur loire. Raphaël manages the French edition of LetsGoDigital and he recently joined the LetsGoDigital team as a new colleague. Raphaël has many years of experience and interest in photography like the majority of our colleagues. The arrival of the digital photography has only increased Raphaël's interest. Beside photography water sport is also favourite which is a perfect combination together with digital photography.
  İlhan Engin manages the Turkish edition of LetsGoDigital and lives in İstanbul Turkey. He has been interested in digital photography since 2000 and now this technology is an important one of his other hobbies which are cinematography, digital animation and internet technologies.
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