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Digital cameras', MP3 players, mobile telephones, digital videos have something in common. This equipment stores data on the internal memory or an external memory card. The digital images made by a digital camera are usually stored directly on a memory card. Most manufacturers prefer a certain type of memory card which is the reason why there is no standard in using one memory card. The digital images made by a digital camera can be stored in two ways: on the internal memory or on
a external changeable memory. Manufacturers use various memory cards or other storage media and sometimes they use a combination of storage media.
The advantage of using an external storage medium is that it can be taken out of the digital camera and transported without loosing the information that's on it.
Nowadays there are printers with a build-in memory slot, to make it possible to insert the memory card directly into the printer to print the images without interference of a computer. Below you'll find an overview of the most frequently used storage media.

SanDisk memory cards for Nintendo Switch game system
Samsung T5 portable solid state drive
Western Digital 3D NAND Technology
Delkin UHS-II rugged memory cards
Samsung memory cards for electronic devices
Solid State Drives with 64-Layer 3D NAND technology
256GB SanDisk Ultra microSD memory card
SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive
Kingston 2TB flash drive with USB 3.0 performance
Kingston microSDXC Class 10 UHS-I memory cards
Kingston USB 3.0 encrypted USB flash memory drives
SanDisk 256GB waterproof microSD memory cards
SanDisk 1 Terabyte SDXC memory card
Samsung removable flash memory cards
Sandisk iXpand for Apple smartphones and tablets
This type of storage medium has been popular mainly amongst photographers to be able to store extensive data for relative low costs. The size of the Microdrive comes under the CompactFlash type II size and therefore it can only be used in products with a type II memory slot. The fact that the Microdrive consists of moving elements makes it vulnerable, which is seen as a disadvantage. The Microdrive is available with a storage capacity of 1, 2 and 4GB.
This storage medium has always been popular among the users of computers and later also among users of a Sony Mavica camera. This camera has a build-in diskette station and stores the data on a diskette. Because of its small storage capacity of 1.44Mb this storage medium has gone out of sight and will make history as it having been one of the most popular compact storage medium once.
This medium is very popular as a music carrier and is also being used as a storage medium for moving or still images. Sony developed a camera to succeed the 'diskette' camera that now uses a CDR/CDR with 8mm size. The CDR can only be written on once, the CDRW many times. The advantage of this storage medium is the low costs per MB. The disadvantage is that this storage medium is quite vulnerable and quite big comparing to the compact memory cards.
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