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Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Review
Digital camera review overview
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Introduction
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Adjustments
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Image Gallery
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Test-images
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Test-images
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Conclusion

Sony Cybershot DSC W200 Conclusion

Sony CyberShot W200 underwater review : The Sony DSC-W200 is a compact camera that is a joy to use. Thanks to its small size you can easily carry it with you in the pocket of your trousers or jacket. This is particularly nice when travelling. The performance is excellent. Pictures can be taken in HD1080 quality and the highest ISO value ranges to no less than 6400. The incorporated image stabilizer works very well and the Stamina battery lasts a long time.

Sony MPK-WB Marine Pack
The included MPK-WB Marine Pack lets you operate every function underwater. The housing is well-secured against opening it accidentally and the large wrist strap is pleasant to work with. I encountered some problems with the flash. The diffuser ought to have been placed more to the front for a more balanced spreading of the flash light. In some situations I had to manually reduce the flash power underwater.

Marine Pack

++ Reproduction in HD 1080 quality possible on a HD-TV
++ Image stabiliser
++ Front underwater housing covered with black plastic
++ Large wrist strap included

-- Brightness of flash hard to adjust
-- No lens converter possible
-- Diffuser placed too far back
-- Hardly any room for silica gel sachet

Underwater world
Text and Photography by Karin Brussaard
Sony Cybershot DSC W200 review

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