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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Review

Digital camera review overview
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Introduction
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Control
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Adjustments
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Storage and Energy
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Test-images
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Test-images
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Conclusion

Sony Cybershot DSC T300 Review conclusion

Sony CyberShot DSC-T300 digital camera
The first acquaintance with the Sony T300 left quite an impression, an impression of a unique and stylishly designed camera. One that makes Sony stand out from the rest of the market. The nice and moreover solid design beams with quality, with on top of that a unique design. The integration of the intelligent software solution that facilitates digital photography once again, adds to the value of the Sony Cybershot T300. And if that is not enough; the Cybershot T300 comes with an impressively large sized monitor of no less than 3.5 inches! Truly superb paper specifications yet not completely representative for its performance in practice.

High resolution versus Image quality
Let's start with the high resolution and the small size image sensor. The excessive noise as we also find on nearly all compact cameras with high resolution also exist on the Sony T300, unfortunately. It is typically a camera of the high resolution cameras' generation, for which the market strategy has been followed rather than focussing on the image quality. Sadly, an increase of this amount of pixels on a small sensor does not go hand in hand with an increase in image quality. Noise significantly increases and not only at high ISO settings, even the low 200 ISO setting is victimised and is only able to keep up by strongly activating the integrated noise reduction. With as sad result the loss of detail.

5x optical zoom lens of the Sony T300
It may be clear, we are not at all pleased about this, and it is a real pity the Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 is a victim in this case. Besides that, we are not all satisfied with the performance of the 5x zoom lens. We can live with the visible edge blur in the telephoto mode, but we cannot accept the problem of the chromatic aberration. This is visible at all focal lengths with a few peeks at certain focal lengths, which is a feature that does not live up to the expectations of a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens.

Sony DSC-T300 review conclusion
It is not all negative though, the Sony T300 produces an excellent and consistent colour reproduction with an accurate white balance. It's a bit of a pity that only part of the image quality stands out in a positive way. Other than that, the Sony Cybershot T300 does prove itself. It is a camera with pleasant features, an ultra-large sized monitor and a very own way of operation. A camera that lets you stand out with a successful design. After testing the Sony Cybershot DSC-T300 technically as well as in practice, we have come to a conclusion with mixed feelings. The concept is successful as far as we're concerned, however, in relation to the image quality, the camera performs averagely and no more than that.

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Sony Cybershot DSC T300 review

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Sony Memory Stick Duo
The Sony Memory Stick Duo is available in many speeds and storage capacities. The Sony Cybershot T300 officially supports a capacity up to 8GB and if the new 16GB can be used, still remains to be seen. In any case, the high capacity of 8GB will suffice greatly. A picture in the highest resolution (10 megapixels) has a size of approximately 4MB. If we take 5 films of 36 (you still remember them?) we would need 1GB of storage capacity for some 200 pictures. From experience we know that a bit of extra capacity for video and other recordings does not hurt. 2 to 4GB is our advice so you don't reach the limits of storage capacity that easily.

Considering 2GB storage capacity:
10 Megapixels - JPEG - 496 pictures
8 Megapixels - JPEG - 3:2 - 500 pictures
7 Megapixels - JPEG - 16:9 - 526 pictures
5 Megapixels - JPEG - 156 pictures
3 Megapixels - JPEG - 2497 pictures
2 Megapixels - JPEG - 16:9 - 2018 pictures
VGA resolution - JPEG - 12102 pictures

Video 640x480 pixels - Fine - 25 min 10 sec
Video 640x480 pixels - Standard - 1 hour 30 min 50 sec
Video 320x240 pixels - Standard - 6 hour 3 min 10 sec

USB 2.0 Hi Speed connection
The Memory Stick Duo memory cards are available in various speeds. The advantage of a faster memory card is rapid data transfer providing the computer and the device reading the card are equipped with a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connection. Or you can choose to purchase a card reader. This handy device needs to be connected to the USB port and is capable of reading a card and writing to it rapidly. The computer will recognize the device as an external hard drive. Additionally you will also save energy.

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