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Sony Alpha 55 Review

Digital camera review overview
Sony Alpha 55 Introduction
Sony Alpha 55 Control
Sony Alpha 55 Adjustments
Sony Alpha 55 Storage and Energy
Sony Alpha 55 Test-images
Sony Alpha 55 Test-images
Sony Alpha 55 Camera
Sony Alpha 55 Conclusion

Sony Alpha 55 Review conclusion

Sony Alpha 55 system camera
The Sony Alpha SLT-A55 is a remarkable camera. Not only due to its compact dimensions, as there are even smaller cameras available, but more because of its design. The current series of digital SLR cameras on the market is based on an ‘old’ technology and although in terms of functions and image solutions, much has changed, the way in which the camera works has not even seen such a revolution. This makes it remarkable that Sony distinguishes itself in that way by using an older technology.

Sony A55 supports Transclucent Mirror Technology
Due to the Translucent Mirror technology, Sony distinguishes itself from the masses. The compact dimensions and relative lightweight are not even its most remarkable aspects; it is especially the control and performance that makes the Sony Alpha 55 stand out. It was surprising for us to learn that this generation of Sony SLT cameras is aimed at the bottom segment of photographers. The Sony SLT-A55’s specifications presume otherwise. The Sony A55 delivers good value for money.

Sony A55 offers great price / quality ratio
The Sony Alpha 55 is giving the competition a challenge in the segment that it is found. There is practically no other camera in this price segment that can capture action moments as fast as the Sony Alpha 55 can, and supported by a large buffer. Additionally, the Full HD video mode makes it possible to capture moving images in high resolution. The electronic viewfinder makes the optical viewfinder obsolete and the 3-inch screen has a beautiful display. Technically speaking, it is a very good camera.

Sony Alpha 55 kit lens
There is a relatively small point of critique to be made. The standard 18-55mm kit lens does not contribute to the image quality that the Sony A55 is capable of. Of course, this is a price/quality ratio, and by having an inexpensive kit lens, the camera combination can be kept inexpensive, only it would have been better to offer a better lens immediately. The combination of chromatic aberration, distortion and the not-so-optimal sharpness do not do the camera justice.

Sony Alpha 55 : Highly recommended
What remains is a remarkably good performing camera, we cannot deny it. The Sony SLT-A55 uses an old technology to innovate and optimize, which has raised the camera to an outstanding level. It offers fine video quality, an excellent, fast AF, user-friendly control and ease, and not to mention outstanding image quality. After a weak 2009, Sony has managed to put itself on the map once again in 2010, and how. This may just be the start of an upward trend for the coming year. The Sony Alpha SLT-A55 is an excellent all-round camera that will give the competition something to go up against, it is definitely highly recommended!
Sony Alpha 55 review

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Download original Sony Alpha 55 photo

Resolution : 4912 x 3264 pixels
Aperture : f/7.1
Exposure time : 1/60 sec
ISO : 100
Focal length : 28mm
Metering : Pattern
Compensation : 0 step

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