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Sanyo Xacti E6 Review

Digital camera review overview
Sanyo Xacti E6 Introduction
Sanyo Xacti E6 Camera
Sanyo Xacti E6 Control
Sanyo Xacti E6 Adjustments
Sanyo Xacti E6 Storage and Energy
Sanyo Xacti E6 Conclusion

Sanyo Xacti E6 Review conclusion

Sanyo Xacti E6 - Big LCD monitor
Sanyo sets down a beautiful concept with the Xacti E6. Of course the 3-inch sized monitor counts double when judging the camera. The exceptionally nice users interface shows its possibilities to the fullest and offers new ones too like dividing the monitor. It is a pleasure to work with a monitor of this size and besides that it makes sharing the stored images with others so much easier. In fact the camera converts to a so-called viewer in a twinkling.

Sanyo Xacti E6 - Touch sensor
In addition, the application of the so-called Touch sensor in the release button is remarkable. Sanyo has been trying for a while to speed up their digital cameras especially to gain speed at the shutter time lag. And again they succeeded with the Touch sensor although there isn't a lot to gain anymore at this moment. The way this innovation works is clear anyhow. It's also possible to deactivate the Touch sensor via the menu, because the camera tends to respond too hasty in some cases as a swift touch is enough to get the button working. It happened to me on a few occasions that unwillingly I took a picture but I think it's just a matter of getting used to it.

Sanyo E6 camera - Quality pictures
The camera's housing is of high quality and no comments can be made on parts such as the 3x optical zoom lens. The lens can be set from wide angle to telephoto in 8 stops precisely. The speed of zooming is very pleasant, not restlessly speedy, but convincingly approaching the target. In practice the images are true-coloured. In some cases colour shifting appears, although not always visible straight away. The Xacti E6 also does well with backlit images; only showing chromatic aberration here and there, but not excessively and compared with competing cameras it performs averagely. The noise ratio until and including 100 ISO is perfect, higher ISO values contain more noise. The auto white balance is capable of filtering nearly every image to a neutral reproduction with the exception of shooting in strong artificial light. You really have to adjust the white balance and choose the type of artificial light that you're shooting in to prevent excessive colour cast.

Sanyo E6 point-to-shoot digital camera
The Sanyo Xacti E6 will definitely appeal to the user who likes design, but also a large size monitor. The amount of buttons on the camera is restricted but the buttons available are easy to operate. We can certainly say that the Sanyo Xacti E6 is extremely user friendly and thanks to the explanation appearing on the large monitor, looking into the manual is hardly necessary. The camera has easy operation even though you have to dig into the menu frequently when you want just a little more than just photographing in auto mode. The Sanyo Xacti E6 is a real point-and-shoot camera and is less suitable for the photographer who wants to stay in control of everything.

Sanyo Xacti E6 - Innovative features
The new Xacti E6 is a fine camera, offering enhanced user's convenience for its money. It features good image quality, a strong friendly operation and it is ease to carry around with you thanks to the compact size. The innovative features of the Sanyo Xacti E6 are mainly responsible for taking the camera on a higher level than its competitors. Users can fully enjoy the large sized monitor. And if Sanyo decides to apply the large monitor and the Touch sensor on an advanced digital camera, taking into account the demanding photographer, a strong concept can be set down; one that can easily compete with high quality digital cameras. The Sanyo E6 isn't perfect but clearly and undoubtedly we are dealing with a very strong concept here. The camera is perfectly suitable for the snapshot photographer and this target group will effortlessly be convinced by the Sanyo Xacti E6 digital camera.

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Sanyo Xacti E6 review

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Sanyo E6 - Secure Digital Plus memory card
In practice I used the Sanyo Xacti E6 with the Ultra II SD Plus memory card. In continuous mode a maximum of 3 photos can be recorded sequentially, regardless the resolution. It takes approximately 2 seconds before the buffer is emptied and new series of images can be captured. A disadvantage of burst mode is the fact that the monitor remains black when photographing and therefore it is impossible to see if the subject stays in the composition. If the Sanyo E6 camera is set to normal mode every second a picture can be made, (flash off). A strong feature of the Sanyo Xacti E6 is the earlier mentioned Touch sensor. There is truly hardly any interval between pressing the release button and taking the actual picture! The Sanyo E6 is not a camera for the action photographer but it is still very capable of responding speedily on fast moments.

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus memory card
During testing the Sanyo E6 was equipped with a different type of Secure Digital memory card; the SanDisk Ultra II Plus SD memory card. The tiny card can be snapped in the middle after which a USB interface is freed. The Secure Digital Plus card can be inserted directly from the camera into a free USB port without the need for cables or card reader. It's a memory card with many useful application possibilities with which once again it's made clear that the possibilities on the field of applying memory cards is nearly unlimited.

Considering 512MB storage capacity:
Resolution 10 Megapixels - JPEG - 74 images
Resolution 6 Megapixels - JPEG FINE - 84 images
Resolution 6 Megapixels - JPEG Normal - 128 images
Resolution 4 Megapixels - JPEG - 192 images
Resolution 2 Megapixels - JPEG - 382 images
Resolution 0.3 Megapixels - JPEG - 1958 images
Video clip - 640x480 pixels - 30fps - 2 min 52 sec
Video clip - 640x480 pixels - 15fps - 3 min 56 sec
Video clip - 320x240 pixels - 30fps - 6 min 30 sec
Video clip - 320x240 pixels - 15fps - 23 min 50 sec
Video clip - 160x120 pixels - 30fps - 41 min 44 sec
Sound recording pixels - 9 hours 2 minutes

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