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Samsung NX100 Review

Digital camera review overview
Samsung NX100 Introduction
Samsung NX100 Control
Samsung NX100 Adjustments
Samsung NX100 Storage and Energy
Samsung NX100 Camera
Samsung NX100 Test-images
Samsung NX100 Test-images
Samsung NX100 Conclusion

Samsung NX100 Review conclusion

Samsung NX100 system camera review
Our first acquaintance with the Samsung NX100 during a press event was already pleasant and we were immediately convinced. We were presented a new system camera with some distinguishing features in an already heavily competitive market. The Samsung NX100 is typically a camera with which you want to get going immediately, it makes you curious. The different, innovative, new control aspects of the camera have good results. At least if you are open to it, although the traditional control is still possible as well.

Photography with the Samsung NX100
The i-Function is one of those remarkable features with which the Samsung NX100 distinguishes itself. It is a new form of control that truly pleased us in practice. It is handy, fast, and clear, and above all, it can be understood by anyone. The NX100’s beautiful AMOLED screen is a pleasure to work with. Samsung immediately distinguishes itself from the competition with this AMOLED technology.

14,6 megapixel Samsung NX100 camera
Samsung has only been on the system camera market shortly, but does deliver a strong product with the Samsung NX100. The camera is not perfect, as we would like it to have a built-in flash, a built-in image stabilizer and a certain target group would like to see the possibility of shooting in Full HD video. Our expectation is that Samsung will focus more on video in a next generation and hopefully this will include a separate video recording button.

Samsung NX100 image quality
The Samsung NX100’s resolution is more than sufficient. The signal/noise ratio is good, but we do see room for improvement, especially in the higher ISO values. Due to the noise reduction that kicks in at 800 ISO and higher, there is a loss of detail, leaving room for improvement. The dynamic range is a bit limited in the higher ISO values, which is similar to the case of the signal/noise ratio. This is the Samsung NX100’s weakest point: no stabilization in the camera, no stabilization in the kit lens, and no built-in flash. The probability of having to use the higher ISOs is definitely present.

Samsung NX100 recommended for the beginner photographer
Let’s hope that Samsung takes the critiques seriously for future models. We are sure that this will be the case. The Samsung NX100 is a fine camera which delivers a lot of pleasure in photography. The quality is definitely good, with an excellent performing kit lens. Samsung is on the right path and the Samsung NX100 might just be a sales success, carefully claiming system camera market shares. Samsung has promised many new lenses for the NX-series for the coming period. If they all perform as well as the kit lens, the competition will be receiving a strong party. Remarkable, distinguishing and a good performer: Samsung NX100, recommended for the beginner photographer with ambitions!
Samsung NX100 review

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