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Ricoh CX1 Review

Digital camera review overview
Ricoh CX1 Introduction
Ricoh CX1 Camera
Ricoh CX1 Control
Ricoh CX1 Adjustments
Ricoh CX1 Storage and Energy
Ricoh CX1 Test-images
Ricoh CX1 Test-images
Ricoh CX1 Camera
Ricoh CX1 Conclusion

Ricoh CX1 Review conclusion

Ricoh CX1 digital camera
The minute Ricoh announces a new camera; I always get curious about the exciting novelties they will bring to the table this time. The brand time and again manages to come up with functions nobody else has thought of. And this also goes for the Ricoh CX1. It is a camera packed with new functions. One of the most striking ones is the enhanced dynamic range, which also works well, providing you make sure the camera is held perfectly still during shooting. It is a function that is actually quite useful; just think of all those times you run into situations where the camera can't register all that your eyes witness?

Ricoh CX1 features Multi-Pattern AWB
Another useful new function is the Multi-Pattern AWB, at which the Ricoh CX1 applies the white balance to certain areas in a picture instead of the entire one. The differences with the average auto white balance are subtle, yet can't be ignored. Nice, but no more than that, is the option to shoot a huge amount of pictures per second. Especially since the quality of the pictures taken at high speed is not too good, the function lacks actual value. A missed opportunity is the Multi-Pattern AF. It is a promising function, however, in practice it does not live up to its expectations, and that really is a pity.

Ricoh CX1 image quality
Also quite disappointing is the image quality. The noise reduction is simply too extreme at the cost of detail reproduction. Even at low sensitivities. The way of reducing the noise is far from beautiful and details become mushy. I think Ricoh should put effort into to the image quality instead of adding new gimmicks all the time. After all, it are the pictures coming from the camera that count. They simply have to be good. It's not the lens that causes the problems. The lens is almost free of distortion and even at high contrast, hardly suffers from chromatic flaws.

Ricoh CX1 review conclusion
On the other hand; Ricoh does know how to design a beautiful compact camera. The Ricoh CX1 comes across as a jewel. Ultra-neat, no inexplicable bits and pieces or superfluous buttons. Just that what you need in a solid housing. It truly is a camera to take along with you; whilst at the same time not even being aware of carrying it along. That is how compact the Ricoh CX1 is. Now all Ricoh has to do, is strive for top quality and the brand will have an absolute gem in its hands.
Ricoh CX1 review

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Ricoh CX1 review

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Ricoh CX1 files
Storing a picture is possible in many varieties, although it remains a JPEG or an MPO at all times in certain modes. RAW is absent, and that seems logical for the target group of the Ricoh CX1. In the highest resolution, you can select low or normal JPEG compression. In addition to the standard 4:3 ratio, you can choose 1:1 and 3:2 ratio. These are crops from the entire picture, so you could do it just as well on your pc at home. The compression at lower resolution is always normal. More options don't seem necessary in my opinion; I think most users will shoot in full resolution. An average file of the Ricoh CX1 is approximately 3-3.5 MB in size. This means you don't have to purchase the most expensive memory cards. I believe a storage capacity of 2GB is enough.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity:
Resolution 9M - Fine - 3456x2592 pixels - 539 pictures
Resolution 9M - Normal - 3456x2592 pixels - 931 pictures
Resolution 8M - 3:2 - Fine - 3456x2304 pixels - 608 pictures
Resolution 6M - 1:1 - Fine - 2592x2592 pixels - 723 pictures
Resolution 7M - Normal - 3072x2304 pixels - 1159 pictures
Resolution 5M - Normal - 2592x1944 pixels - 1576 pictures
Resolution 3M - Normal - 2048x1536 pixels - 2363 pictures
Resolution 1M - Normal - 1280x960 pixels - 3840 pictures
Resolution VGA - Normal - 640x480 pixels - 15359 pictures

Video Resolution 640x480 pixels - 15 fps - 37 min 17 sec
Video Resolution 640x480 pixels - 30 fps - 18 min 49 sec
Video Resolution 320x240 pixels - 15 fps - 94 min 11 sec
Video Resolution 320x240 pixels - 30 fps - 48 min 13 sec

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