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Olympus E420 Review

Digital camera review overview
Olympus E420 Introduction
Olympus E420 Camera
Olympus E420 Control
Olympus E420 Adjustments
Olympus E420 Storage and Energy
Olympus E420 Test-images
Olympus E420 Test-images
Olympus E420 Camera
Olympus E420 Conclusion

Olympus E420 Review conclusion

Olympus E-420 digital SLR camera
When Olympus first introduced the E-400, with the E-410 following not much later, they showed for the first time just how compact a DSLR camera from a FourThirds system can be. The design appealed to me immediately, and although I was prejudiced, shouldn't a DSLR always be solidly heavy, my prejudices went up in smoke the moment I tried out the camera in practice. Fair is fair; of course it is a powerful feeling to work with a Pro-size DSLR, but the ease of a compact and lightweight SLR is a very nice combination to work with.

Excellent image quality with the Olympus E-420
Moreover because in practice it turns out that small does not equal less quality. Take the Olympus E-420 in comparison with its big brother the E-3. I don't deny the fact that the E-3 has a very solid housing, is weather-proof and made for heavy use in practice. And of course the E-3 offers many setting possibilities. However, if we look solely at what we discovered in practice with the addition of the technical DIWA test results, we can only conclude that the Olympus E-420 is very close to the E-3 as far as image quality is concerned, an excellent performance.

Olympus E-420 with Pancake lens
Following these thoughts, would it be possible to give the small Olympus E-420 the extensive features of the E-3, creating a high quality semi-pro camera with the concept of the E3? Add a number of pancake format lenses and all of a sudden you'd make a real difference to the heavily competitive market. A combination like this would appeal to a large target group, the amateur and the professional photographer alike. Personally I'd go for it!

Olympus E420 - Very compact FourThirds DSLR
What remains is reality and the reality is positive. Although some features, such as the dynamic range could do with some improvement, and we know that the signal / noise ratios at high ISO could do better too, the Olympus E-420 did really well. The extremely compact FourThirds DSLR had some help from its predecessors, however, the improvements carried out in particular to the image sensor, leave behind a positive feeling. FourThirds has proven itself in practice and it is a true joy to shoot with the Olympus E-420. Of course there is still something to desire, for example; a stabilization system, however: the ease of a super compact camera to carry around with you, and the image quality that is solid as a rock make the Olympus E-420 a wonderful camera to work with.

Olympus E420 DSLR
Olympus E420 review

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Olympus E420 storage capacity
10 Megapixel is an average resolution and may be looked upon as a standard; the file size is growing considerably also due to the low compression factor Olympus use. The JPEG quality of Olympus is fine thanks to the small data loss (compression 1/2.7) and an excellent algorithm. If you choose the highest JPEG quality, you can count on a 6.8MB file. A storage capacity of 2 to 4GB seems the average storage capacity then, certainly when shooting during holidays. If you go for RAW, you should count on 11MB per picture!


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