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Nikon D90 Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D90 Introduction
Nikon D90 Camera
Nikon D90 Control
Nikon D90 Adjustments
Nikon D90 Storage and Energy
Nikon D90 Test-images
Nikon D90 Test-images
Nikon D90 Camera
Nikon D90 Conclusion

Nikon D90 Review conclusion

Nikon D90 digital SLR camera
Nikon is treading the war path at least that is what it is starting to look like. One after the other DSLR is being introduced, all of them equipped with the many renewed features or innovative image solutions. It's a tough struggle to conquer a much desired market share in the DSLR market. A battle that until recently was dominated by Canon, who is now regretfully witnessing how the competition has grown fiercely and is making a passing maneuver in some respects. We consider this an excellent development from which you as photographer will benefit.

Nikon D90 versus Nikon D80
The Nikon D90 is a successor to the D80 and is indeed entitled to be called that. It's only the appearance that reminds you of the D80, but that is all. The hardware is completely renewed, with which the Nikon D90 is able to beat competitors on nearly all fronts for now. The slightly enhanced resolution combined with the improved image sensor, new techniques, internal software corrections, Live View, enhanced frame speed, EXPEED processor, is only some of the positive renewals or improvements that the D80 lacks. With the Nikon D90, a new generation of Nikon DSLR cameras in this particular segment is definitely born.

Nikon D90 in practice
We really did appreciate how the DSLR worked in practice. The familiar menu and the structure of the camera give you a pleasant and familiar feel while shooting. The Nikon D90 responses extremely fast which gives you the feeling you never respond faster than the camera. The only exception is Live View mode, which reacts significantly slower than the standard AF, due to the different AF technique used. This makes Live View useful to a limit, however, it still comes in handy for certain types of photography.

Movie mode on the Nikon D90
Naturally, we also used the Movie mode extensively, however; at this moment and the way it works, I don't see the use of it. It is definitely not ready for the masses, perhaps only for that one videographer looking for a reasonably priced video solution with exchangeable lenses. The main thing is the lack of continuous AF (AF-tracking) whilst capturing a video. This makes it impossible to capture the images you really want to make of family, playing children, vacations etc. A tripod and manual setting would take you quite far, however, I don't see this target group making the effort. Well, at least the start has been made, and no doubt Nikon will further develop and improve video recording in a DSLR.

Nikon D90 a superb DSLR camera!
The image quality is steady as a rock. Excellent color reproduction and superb dynamic range combined with Nikon's 3D Matrix metering ensure an outstanding DSLR. Nikon shows to be able to swiftly integrate innovations coming from the professional DSLR in the amateur market, making this segment also stand out from the crowd. The D90 is definitely worth its money and well worth stepping over to from the D80. Although the Nikon D90 is not completely perfect, it offers good value for money. A superb DSLR camera!

Nikon D90 SLR

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Nikon D90 preview

"Although our workflow is simply overwhelming with the Photokina 2008 in sight, we were still able to make a number of test images with the Nikon D90, and we used various Nikkor lenses for the occasion. As far as we can see, the first test samples offer high image quality. The location of the pictures and videos is the Amsterdam Zoo, called Artis, in the Netherlands."

Continue to take a look at our Nikon D90 photo gallery including captured videos.
Nikon D90 review

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Nikon D90 review

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Nikon D90

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Nikon D90 a fast DSLR camera
The Nikon D90 responses extremely swift, activating and deactivating is so quick that it is hard to capture the precise time it takes, we stick to around 0.35 second before you can take the first picture after activating the camera. This is a speed completely satisfying for the target group of this camera. Also switching from capture to play is fast, a feature that lets you work effortlessly in practice. The Nikon D90 also shows a neat performance when it comes to focusing and is certainly equipped to tackle the speedy work. The specified frame speed of 4.5 frames per second is reached without a problem. The buffer is large enough to store some twenty high resolution/quality JPEG pictures before it has to be emptied.

CompactFlash & SDHC memory card support
All in all, the Nikon D90 responses extremely quickly to all actions. One exception is Live View mode, which has a different way of focusing, which unfortunately comes with a clear delay in focusing. The resolution of 12 Megapixels, the presence of Nikon's NEF format (RAW) and the possibility of shooting in a combination of NEF/JPEG make the files grow to a maximum of 23MB per picture. This is huge and it is therefore wise to go for a storage capacity of at least 4GB, and preferably higher.

Considering 4BG of storage capacity:
4288x2848 pixels - NEF (RAW) - 10.8MB - 133 pictures - 9 pictures buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - L - 16.9MB - 89 pics - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - M - 14.4MB - 104 pics - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - S - 12.4MB - 118 pics - 7 pics buffer
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - L - 13.9MB - 107 pics - 7 pics buffer
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - M - 12.6MB - 116 pics - 7 pics buffer
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - S - 11.6MB - 124 pics - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - L - 12.3MB - 118 pics - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - M - 11.7MB - 123 pics - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - S - 11.2MB - 128 pics - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 6.0MB - 271 pics - 25 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 3.4MB - 480 pics - 100 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 1.6MB - 1000 pics - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 3.0MB - 539 pics - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 1.7MB - 931 pics - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 0.8MB - 2000 pics - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 1.5MB - 1000 pics - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 0.9MB - 1800 pics - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 0.4MB - 3800 pics - 100 pics buffer

Nikon D90 includes a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port
The Nikon D90 digital SLR features a fast USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port at which high resolution files and in this case, also captured videos (maximum of 2GB in size) can be transferred to a notebook or desktop computer. Although the Nikon D90 is able to transfer these files with high speed through the interface, personally I prefer a fast (FireWire) card reader. I find it the ideal accessory that lets you keep on working with the camera and spares you the fiddling with a separate cable that has to be connected from the camera to an external device.

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