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Nikon D700 Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D700 Introduction
Nikon D700 Camera
Nikon D700 Control
Nikon D700 Adjustments
Nikon D700 Storage and Energy
Nikon D700 Test-images
Nikon D700 Test-images
Nikon D700 Camera
Nikon D700 Conclusion

Nikon D700 Review conclusion

Nikon D700 digital SLR camera
At the time I called the D300 a smaller version of the D3, but the Nikon D700 s really worthy of that name. This is an honor indeed because the professional Nikon D3 is a fabulous DSLR camera. In any case, until the D3x was introduced, it was Canon's top model ever. The Nikon D700 easily fits in this line of superb DSLR cameras. I wasn't able to find a lot of disadvantages of this camera, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Nikon D700 offers outstanding image quality
The compliments keep coming. Take for example the image quality, it is superb. The Nikon D700’s high ISO values are particularly impressive. I would even dare to use the camera at ISO 6400. Even more so, if necessary I would dare to send a picture taken at ISO 25600 to a client. Nikon really took a giant step forward! Until recently Nikon disappointed when it comes to noise, however, Nikon took control again with the D700. It makes the competition sharp, which is a good thing!

Nikon D700 succeeded for DIWA Lab test
The D700 also impressed us with the technical tests in our DIWA Lab. It's one of the best cameras we have ever tested. If we have any comments, they're only minor details. Issues you wouldn't even notice in practice. And that's what counts in the end, the pictures made in practice. And don't forget Nikon's excellent lenses. I'd like to mention the new f/2.8 24-70 mm lens in particular that delivers excellent results for example the beautiful fading background in portraits. This can't be measured but stands out in the pictures.

Nikon D700 SLR camera body
Not only is the image quality high but the body is also in a class of its own with good, well thought-out ergonomics, clear operation and a solid build. The only minor I can think of is the slightly less than 100% coverage although this is not an important item to many people. The large high resolution LCD screen is a joy to work with. The auto focus is unsurpassed as is the fabulous 3D color matrix light metering.

Nikon D700 features a dust removal filter
The application of a dust removal filter on the D700 is a great plus compared to the D3. Unfortunately the new Nikon D3x DSLR has not been equipped with it. The dust filter is a good reason to choose the Nikon D700 instead of the D3, combined with the fact that the D700 is slightly more compact. Although it is not a lightweight, it lost a few ounces compared to the D3.

Nikon camera review

Enhanced quality for an affordable price
At the time Nikon announced the D700, you could hear a sigh of relief from Nikonians. At last the affordable equivalent of Canon's EOS 5D was born. Canon, however, just released a successor with even more pixels and the option of capturing videos and Sony also released a new full frame camera with more pixels into this segment. Does this make the Nikon D700 any less interesting? No, not at all. Don't be blinded by a few more pixels. The D700 performs better than its rivals in many areas. For example, the AF is significantly better than Canon and the signal/noise ratio ranks a class higher than Sony, just to mention two things. You have to appreciate the Nikon D700 for what it can do and that is a lot. In our opinion, the Nikon D700 is currently the most interesting DSLR camera. You get enhanced quality for an affordable price, a priceless combination; what else do you want?

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Nikon D700 preview

"Remarkable features of the Nikon D700 DSLR are a solid built camera body, an out-side look of the Nikon D300, but remarkable comparable with the inside of the Nikon D3, Image Sensor Cleaning, 5 fps and the praised image sensor also found in the D3. During a business trip to Monaco I had some time to shoot sample photos with the new Nikon D700. Unfortunately the sun was shining with high temperatures, so high ISO photos were out of the question. "

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Nikon D700 review

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Nikon D700 buffer & memory
I mentioned earlier that the advantage of the modest amount of pixels of the D700 is the relatively small files. This is can be seen on the broad available buffer and in the number of pictures that fit on a CompactFlash card. A 12 bit RAW file is approximately 18.8MB. If you shoot in 14 bit, a picture will be 24,7MB. You can also compress files, whether or not lossless, which also makes a difference of many MBs. An 8 bit TIFF creates a file size of 35.9MB. The Nikon D700 shoots in TIFF although it only seems useful to me if you edit the pictures afterwards in Photoshop. You need enough capacity to store the files on a CompactFlash memory card and I suggest a minimum of 2GB of storage space. The table below shows how many pictures fit on a 2GB card.

Considering 2GB of storage capacity:
NEF (RAW) - Uncompressed - 12-bit - 18.8MB - 100 pictures
NEF (RAW) - Uncompressed - 14-bit - 24.7MB - 77 pictures
NEF (RAW) - Lossless compressed - 12-bit - 13.3MB - 100 pictures
NEF (RAW) - Lossless compressed - 14-bit - 16.3MB - 77 pictures
NEF (RAW) - Compressed - 12-bit - 11.0MB - 138 pictures
NEF (RAW) - Compressed - 14-bit - 13.8MB - 114 pictures
TIFF (RGB) - Large - 35.9MB - 53 pictures
TIFF (RGB) - Standard - 20.7MB - 95 pictures
TIFF (RGB) - Small - 10.0MB - 211 pictures
JPEG Fine - Large - 5.7MB - 279 pictures
JPEG Fine - Standard - 3.2MB - 496 pictures
JPEG Fine - Small - 1.4MB - 1000 pictures
JPEG Normal - Large - 2.9MB - 548 pictures
JPEG Normal - Standard - 1.6MB - 976 pictures
JPEG Normal - Small - 0.7MB - 2000 pictures
JPEG Basic - Large - 1.4MB - 1000 pictures
JPEG Basic - Standard - 0.8MB - 1800 pictures
JPEG Basic - Small - 0.4MB - 3900 pictures

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