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Nikon D60 Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D60 Introduction
Nikon D60 Camera
Nikon D60 Control
Nikon D60 Adjustments
Nikon D60 Storage and Energy
Nikon D60 Test-images
Nikon D60 Test-images
Nikon D60 Conclusion

Nikon D60 Review conclusion

Nikon D60 digital SLR camera
The Nikon D60 in fact does not surprise us. It just comes down to Nikon having kept the successful concept of the D40 / D40x and where possible improved it or added the latest innovations. And that concept consists of a solid base proven by the popularity of the aforementioned models. Whether Nikon will be as successful with the D60 as with the other models will not depend on the quality, for the quality is excellent. It will depend more on the answer of the competition to this winning concept. Will there be an attack on the price, or will the competition be able to equip their entry-level model with even more features? While working on this review, Canon introduced the EOS 450D and my first impression is that the battle for the most successful entry-level model is an ongoing one.

Nikon D60 SLR - 10 Megapixel resolution
The resolution of ten Megapixels is standard nowadays for an entry-level DSLR camera. You can do virtually everything, from editing the picture to making an ultra-large sized print; it doesn't matter with a resolution of this size. And if you work with 10 or 12 Megapixels it will hardly or not at all influence the end result. The standard resolution of 1600 ISO with the possibility of compensating one stop to 3200 ISO is convincing and useful for many situations. The noise level is excellent and adds to the overall image quality.

Nikon D60 dSLR - Straightforward operation
The straightforward operation and the well thought-out structure of the menu make the Nikon D60 a very pleasant entry-level model with every DSLR-functionality but with the ease of use of a compact camera. The graphic interface is enjoyable and offers a perfect overview of what you are actually doing. Moreover it is a good tutorial for learning more and to be able to anticipate on shooting indoors and outdoors. The built-in HELP function is the icing on the cake. Straightforward and easy, a successful combination.

Nikon D60 - Superb image quality
The image quality of the Nikon D60 is superb, not needing any comments. The concept was already successful and has been enhanced with various nice options and functions. The integration of an anti-dust system is one of these enrichments and prevents dust particles to get onto the picture. The camera performs excellently on all fronts. Still I am not convinced Nikon showed the ultimate entry-level DSLR with the D60. I can picture sufficient possibilities to enhance the functionality of this concept; such as more intelligent software, Live View, a larger size LCD monitor and more.

Nikon D60 - Excellent price / quality ratio
The quality is superb and being a photographer this can only make you happy. The price could also be a strong plus. At the moment of this review, the price is 100 Euros less than that of the biggest competitor, the EOS 450D. Apart from quality, price will also play a big role in your decision as to which camera to buy. In my opinion the Nikon D60 is absolutely a recommendable camera. The facts prove it; convincing image quality, a great deal of user's ease and an excellent price/quality ratio. I think it makes the D60 a highly attractive combination.

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Nikon D60 review

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Nikon D60 review

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Nikon D60 - JPEG, RAW (NEF) & Combined
Did you use to shoot in JPEG before, TIFF was creating too large files and it wasn't interesting enough for many as far as application was concerned, nowadays the choice for RAW seems to increase drastically. I think that's a good thing; it makes photography in itself more alive and gives the photographer more opportunities to put his stamp on the end result. You can store pictures in RAW (NEF) format or JPEG, or you can store in JPEG + RAW simultaneously. It's a pity in my opinion that the latter does not give you the choice of storing JPEG in a lower compression. The RAW pictures can be read using Adobe Camera RAW (go to Adobe website for update) or through the optional available editing software package Capture NX from Nikon.

Nikon D60 - Secure Digital High Capacity memory card
The Nikon D60 is capable of shooting 3 fps up to approximately 100 JPEG (Fine L-size). After that the speed drops 50% but you can still carry on shooting. The buffer is large and processes the pictures quickly. Even with the slower standard SD cards it works reasonably well, but if you want to achieve the optimum speed you will need a fast memory card such as the SanDisk Extreme III. Certainly when you want to work with larger RAW files speed is a plus. The buffer of the Nikon D60 is able to hold a maximum of six RAW pictures. The file size of around 9MB for a RAW picture, around 4.8MB for a JPEG (Fine / L) and approximately 10MB for a combination of JPEG and RAW ask for a large storage capacity. If you want to shoot in the highest quality for example on a vacation, and you consider some 400 pictures, you will need a 4GB SDHC memory card to get along.

Considering 1GB storage capacity:
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - NEF - 9,0MB - 79 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Fine - 4,8MB - 129 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 2,7MB - 225 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 1,2MB - 487 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Fine - 2,4MB - 251 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 1,3MB - 431 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 0,6MB - 888 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Fine - 1,2MB - 487 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 0,7MB - 839 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 0,3MB - 1500 pictures
Resolution NEF+JPEG - Basic - 10,1MB - 70 pictures

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