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Nikon D5000 Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D5000 Introduction
Nikon D5000 Camera
Nikon D5000 Control
Nikon D5000 Adjustments
Nikon D5000 Storage and Energy
Nikon D5000 Test-images
Nikon D5000 Test-images
Nikon D5000 Camera
Nikon D5000 Conclusion

Nikon D5000 Review conclusion

Nikon D5000 SLR camera for the amateur photographer
The Nikon D5000 is an interesting digital SLR camera for novices and amateur photographers. This camera is the start of a new segment within Nikon's assortment. The D5000 looks a lot like the D90; yet it also inherited features from the entry-level model; the D60. The Nikon D5000 is a combination of two DSLR cameras and the perfect answer to the DSLR camera of its rivals.

Nikon D5000 offers an excellent image quality
The main trump of the Nikon D5000 seems to be the video function when it comes to specifications. If you compare the remaining specifications, there are many similarities with the D90 as well as the D60. This does not mean that these resemblances are equal in quality. Intensive technical DIWA tests show improvements for the Nikon D5000 on various points in relation to image quality compared to the more expensive Nikon D90. And this is the biggest surprise. The technical tests of the body also reveal that Nikon managed to maintain the quality and even improved it. The Nikon D5000 benefits from this technical progress and this makes it more than logical that we consider the Nikon D5000 an excellent performing DSLR camera if we look solely at image quality. The signal/noise ratio is definitely on a high level, as well as the dynamic range and the exposure, which shows Nikon does not only apply its expertise to professional top DSLR cameras.

Nikon D5000 - Vari-angle LCD & Live View
However, some remarks have to be made about the Nikon D5000. One item is the vari-angle LCD monitor, finally applied to a Nikon DSLR; its functionality could have been more enhanced which would have made it more effective (read: folding out/tilting sideways) as seen by competitive brands. Additionally the use of Live View is limited caused by the slow AF in this mode. The Nikon D5000 provides only contrast-AF in combination with Live View which is why a delay is inevitable. Moreover, the auto white balance gets more confused than average when correcting incandescent light.

Nikon D5000 DSLR - Strongly recommendable
In general, we are very pleased with the Nikon D5000. This kind of DSLR camera, aiming at a wide target group, shows that quality and an appealing suggested retail price can go hand in hand. The potential D90 buyer will possibly get confused trying to make a choice, however, if you compare specifications and if you know what your requirements are, you will make your choice of the right model effortlessly. The Nikon D5000 is the smaller brother of the D90, yet is still able to come up with excellent image quality. It may be worth looking at a different lens instead of the standard kit lens. Nikon also has a wide range of lenses available so you can take your pick. The Nikon D5000 is an excellent choice for the beginner photographer as well as for those who have outgrown their D40x/D60!
Nikon D5000 review

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Nikon D5000 review

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Nikon D5000 - JPEG & NEF pictures
For now, we will stick to SDHC memory cards. 32GB are not bad at all and enough for the Nikon D5000 photographer to get working with RAW format pictures. If you take pictures in JPEG format, you can make over 4300 picture before your 32GB card is full. The RAW (called NEF by Nikon) pictures generate a larger file size (around 10.6MB) yet have the advantage of being able to be edited afterwards without the camera having edited them. RAW is more a format for the hobby or advanced photographer. It requires some basic photography and editing skills. If you want to get going with the Nikon D5000 in a serious way, I'd suggest you purchase a memory card of at least 4GB.

Considering 4BG of storage capacity:
4288x2848 - NEF (RAW) - 10.6MB - 268 pictures - 268 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - L - 16.7MB - 180 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - M - 14.0MB - 210 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - NEF+JPEG (Fine) - S - 12.1MB - 238 pictures - 7 pics buffer
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - L - 13.4MB - 215 pictures - 7
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - M - 12.3MB - 235 pictures - 7
3216x2136 - NEF+JPEG (Normal) - S - 11.3MB - 252 pictures - 7
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - L - 12.0MB - 238 pictures - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - M - 11.5MB - 250 pictures - 7 pics buffer
2144x1424 - NEF+JPEG (Basic) - S - 11.0MB - 259 pictures - 7 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 5.9MB - 549 pictures - 63 pictures buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 3.3MB - 969 pictures - 100 pics buffer
4288x2848 - JPEG (Fine) - L - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 3.0MB - 1000 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 1.7MB - 1800 pictures - 100 pics buffer
3216x2136 - JPEG (Normal) - L - 0.8MB - 4100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 1.5MB - 2100 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 0.9MB - 3600 pictures - 100 pics buffer
2144x1424 - JPEG (Basic) - L - 0.4MB - 7700 pictures - 100 pics buffer

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