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Nikon D40x Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D40x Introduction
Nikon D40x Camera
Nikon D40x Control
Nikon D40x Adjustments
Nikon D40x Storage and Energy
Nikon D40x Test-images
Nikon D40x Test-images
Nikon D40x Conclusion

Nikon D40x Review conclusion

Nikon D40x digital reflex camera
With the Nikon D40x, Nikon surprises us in many ways. First of all by placing an almost identical model right next to the D40. The Nikon D40x only slightly deviates from the Nikon D40 on some points, and what strikes us the most is that the amount of pixels have increased; something that wasn't very important according to Nikon. Where it could be a bit confusing the consumers and us, for the competition it's a killer. For the Nikon D40x DSLR camera offers a lot for its value.

Nikon D40x - 10 Megapixel resolution
With 10 million pixels resolution, the Nikon D40x is right at the top of the amateur segment. And with that, the only much heard criticism about the D40 has disappeared. It's remarkable that Nikon managed to combine the increase in pixels with an increase in quality. The level of noise is at least just as good, but probably better even than with the D40. This is quite an accomplishment. This, together with the increased quality means, in the case of the Nikon D40x, that more is better. You won't see this very often. When we speak of the quality of the noise, I can surely say that the Nikon D40x performs better than the semi-professional Nikon D200!

Nikon D40x - Pleasant user interface
Fortunately, Nikon has not touched the plusses, so the Nikon D40x has a distinctively pleasant users interface. Operation is effortlessly simple, even for those who never worked with a DSLR camera. Especially because of the graphic interface, this shows exactly whatever you are doing at the moment. Actually, the Nikon D40x is a camera and at the same time a school for photography. Whenever you don't know something, you can refer to the help function and probably find it there. Such a built-in manual is very handy, and the question is if Nikon is going to use this kind of pleasant function is its future higher segment DSLR cameras.

Nikon D40x digital reflex camera
Nikon's light metering is still very impressing. The 3D Color Matrix II, which is built in the Nikon D40x, definitely does not disappoint me. The D40x has been equipped with a center weighted and spot metering, but I wonder if you'll ever need this with this camera. The light metering system truly impresses when it comes to flash. Nikon is lonely at the top here. This alone could be reason enough to go for Nikon. Although I want to remark that using wireless flash is limited. But then again, I don't expect the beginning photographer to work with that extensively.

Nikon D40x SLR camera - AF-S lenses
You could see it as a minus the fact that the Nikon D40x offers a limited choice of lenses. Nikon is renowned for supporting a huge amount of lenses with every single Nikon body that comes into the market. They also highly value compatibility. However, the Nikon D40x only supports the AF-S lenses. Unless you want to focus manually this is rather limited because of the small viewfinder on the D40X. On the other hand, my opinion is that the majority of the consumers purchasing the D40x will not possess one lens yet, so this remark can be deleted again straight after mentioning it!

Nikon D40x - Good price / quality ratio
It actually comes down to the fact that the Nikon D40x is pretty common. The camera performs excellent in almost all areas, and if there's something to remark, then it's mainly because a few things are missing, which the more expensive models do have. And, well: the price has to show somewhere of course. At the same time, the Nikon D40x has items, which the more expensive models have not. And this makes the camera very attractive. Especially when looking at the price, the Nikon D40x is not even much more expensive than the D40. With that, the choice is easy.

Nikon D40x SLR - Highly recommended
We can be brief; the Nikon D40x is a very fine and smart DSLR camera that offers a lot of quality for a low price. The D40 camera was welcomed enthusiastically and quickly left its competition behind. The different camera reviews almost always showed a positive conclusion, also with our DIWA colleagues, who awarded the D40 with a DIWA Gold Award nearly unanimously. Because the Nikon D40x is identical to the D40, I expect again a big success for this model. Once more, Nikon shows what its good at. The production of a serious SLR camera with an excellent image quality, but not forgetting what it's all about: hassle free and pleasant photographing for everyone. For these reasons, the Nikon D40x is absolutely highly recommended!

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Nikon D40x

"The Nikon D40x has been made according to a concept that has proved itself within a very short space of time. A digital SLR camera with the emphasis on user-friendliness which takes an extremely simple approach to digital photograph, something that used to be too technical for a lot of people. This simple approach plus the intelligent software has made high quality photography possible in a simple way."

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Nikon D40x review

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Nikon D40x - SD & SDHC memory card
Pictures taken with the Nikon D40x can be saved in JPEG or the raw NEF format. NEF and JPEG at the same time is also possible, but then you always have JPEG in the basic compression. The largest compression, but also the one with the least quality. It is a pity that you can't choose to save a JPEG Fine or Normal with the NEF. The internal buffer in the Nikon D40x is quite large. With 100 JPEG pictures in the highest quality, or 6 NEF pictures, you can work for quite a while. The pictures are quickly transferred to the Secure Digital memory card as well. Even the slower cards work quite fast. But if you photograph a lot of action, a faster card like the SanDisk Extreme III is definitely recommended. With a full buffer you can simply keep working at 1.5-2 fps. With the slower cards, the speed will quickly decrease to 1 fps. If you mainly photograph still subjects, a standard memory card will be just fine. When it comes to the memory prices nowadays, the last thing you want to save money on is the memory card. Make sure to get a memory card with a large storage capacity. 1GB minimum, but possibly the step to a SDHC memory card of 4GB is not a superfluous luxury.

Considering a 1 GB storage capacity:
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - NEF - 9.0MB - 79 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Fine - 4.8MB - 129 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 2.4MB - 251 pictures
Resolution 3872x2592 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 1.2MB - 487 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Fine --2.7MB - 225 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 1.3MB - 431 pictures
Resolution 2896x1944 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 0.7MB - 839 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Fine - 1.2MB - 487 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Normal - 0.6MB - 888 pictures
Resolution 1936x1296 pixels - JPEG - Basic - 0.3MB - 1500 pictures
Resolution NEF+JPEG - Basic - 10.1MB - 70 pictures

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