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Nikon D2X Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D2X Introduction
Nikon D2X Camera
Nikon D2X Control
Nikon D2X Adjustments
Nikon D2X Storage and Energy
Nikon D2X Conclusion

Nikon D2X Review conclusion

Nikon D2X digital reflex camera
The Nikonians have had to wait a long time for the Nikon D2X. For some maybe just a bit too long. And after the introduction it took a while before the first cameras were shipped. But all this waiting was well worth it. The Nikon D2X is definitely one of the best D-SLRs available these days. Especially looking at its price the D2X offers a heck of a lot and therefore it's not a surprise seeing the D2X regularly in the field. It's a special professional reflex!

Nikon D2X digital SLR - High-speed crop
The Nikon D2X might be considered a dual camera thanks to the High-speed crop. But the only real advantage is the fact that the camera becomes faster on those moments when you need it. This in itself is a welcoming luxury. Of course it's possible to make the crop afterwards. Nothing else happens in the camera itself. The technical speciality of High-Speed crop should not be over-estimated although it might be the difference between capturing that one moment or not in practice which of course is of great value to the professional photographer.

Nikon D2X - Well protected & handles rough treatment
Cameras like the Nikon D2X are real work-horses. Meant for intensive use under the strangest and heaviest circumstances. The Nikon D2X is made for it, it can absolutely take it. The camera is well protected from dust and water and it can handle rough treatment. It makes the camera a bit heavier, but weight is not the most important thing here. Rather a somewhat heavier camera that you can trust than a light-weighted one that should be handled with care because of its fragility.

Nikon D2X digital SLR camera - LCD monitor
Nikon didn't take any risks. You can see that on the entire camera. For example, take the large buttons that enable you to still operate the camera with gloves on in the cold. Thankfully the D2X is equipped with two command dials on the bottom where as the D1X was lacking one. The only thing missing here is the AE/AF lock to shoot in the same manner horizontally as well as vertically. The large monitor is a joy to work with and luckily the D2X features a good viewfinder although it's already behind compared to the D200. Well, something has to remain to wish for right?

Nikon D2X SLR camera - ISO & White balance
Talking about wishes, Nikon ought to have a good look at the sensor and processor. The noise level is not living up to our expectations. ISO 1600 is really not recommended using. Colour reproduction of the monitor is not similar to the true image colour. Nikon should also have a look at the way white balance handles incandescent or fluorescent light and come with a Nikon D2X worthy solution. The other white balance settings work excellently.

Nikon D2X - Fantastic SLR camera
Other than that, nothing but praise for the image quality. A beautiful, large dynamic range, fine plasticity and a beautiful colour reproduction. Photos that will gain your employer's full approval and satisfaction. The resolution is high and delivers images with rich details. The JPEG images are clean and almost completely free of artifacts. Working with a digital work-horse like the Nikon D2X is heaven, especially for the photo-freak and the devoted professional photographer. Swift startup, reliability, robust built, clear ergonomics, perfect image control and quality, large display are all elements that are necessary for a powerful digital tool with which the professional photographer can reach its target. In short, the Nikon D2X is a professional universal digital reflex camera that will appeal to many photographers. In the end we can be very short about the D2X; it's a fantastic camera. An absolute hit!

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Nikon D2X review

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SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory cards
CompactFlash offers you the choice from an extensive selection of all sorts and types of cards. The files produced by the D2X are large and so it is wise to purchase a card with sufficient capacity. A card with a capacity of at least 1GB should do it, but it might be even better to purchase a 2GB card. The D2X supports memory cards with capacities up to 4 and 8GB. And while at it, purchase a fast card such as the SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory cards. The Nikon D2X digital reflex camera does use the speed possibilities offered by such a fast memory card in an excellent way. The table below shows how many images fit on a 1GB memory card. (L = Large, M = Medium, S = Small.)

Considering 1GB of storage capacity:
RAW - 4288x2848 pixels - 20.7MB - 49 images
RAW - 3216x2136 pixels - 11.6MB - 86 images
TIFF - L - 4288x2848 pixels - 36.5MB - 26 images
TIFF - L - 3216x2136 pixels - 20.5MB - 46 images
TIFF - M - 3216x2136 pixels - 21.2MB - 46 images
TIFF - M - 2400x1600 pixels - 11.9MB - 83 images
TIFF - S - 2144x1424 pixels - 10.3MB - 104 images
TIFF - S - 1600x1064 pixels - 5.8MB - 183 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - L - 4288x2848 pixels - 26,6MB - 36 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - L - 3216x2136 pixels - 14.9MB - 64 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - M - 3216x2136 pixels - 24MB - 41 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - M - 2400x1600 pixels - 13.4MB - 72 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - S - 2144x1424 pixels - 22,2MB - 45 images
RAW+JPEG - Fine - S - 1600x1064 pixels - 12.4MB - 79 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - L - 4288x2848 pixels - 23.7MB - 41 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - L - 3216x2136 pixels - 13.2MB - 73 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - M - 3216x2136 pixels - 22.4MB - 44 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - M - 2400x1600 pixels - 12.5MB - 78 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - S - 2144x1424 pixels - 21.5MB - 47 images
RAW+JPEG - Norm - S - 1600x1024 pixels - 12MB - 82 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - L - 4288x2848 pixels - 22.2MB - 45 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - L - 3216x2136 pixels - 12.4MB - 79 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - M - 3216x2136 pixels - 21.6MB - 47 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - M - 2400x1600 pixels - 12.1MB - 82 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - S - 2144x1424 pixels - 21.1MB - 48 images
RAW+JPEG - Basic - S - 1600x1064 pixels - 11.8MB - 84 images

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