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Nikon D200 Review

Digital camera review overview
Nikon D200 Introduction
Nikon D200 Camera
Nikon D200 Control
Nikon D200 Adjustments
Nikon D200 Storage and Energy
Nikon D200 Conclusion

Nikon D200 Review conclusion

Nikon D200 SLR camera
Nikon likes to get the job done to its fullest extend, a fact that once again becomes more than apparent with the Nikon D200. The Nikon D200 is a top D-SLR, one that will without doubt cause relentless unease in the minds of the competition. The Nikon D200 offers a tremendous amount of options, settings and features for its price and it is therefore more than likely that a large amount of professional photographers will purchase the D200 as a second camera, or even to replace the D2X. The Nikon D200 is in fact already proving to be a red hot item in stores.

Nikon D200 SLR - Camera design & Functions
The genius of the Nikon D200 can primarily be found in its design and sheer amount of available functions. It is a sturdy digital camera that will easily endure frequent heavy use. The design of the D200 greatly resembles the analogue F100, which is an enormous improvement compared to the D100. Photographers had been waiting for a camera like the Nikon D200 for a long time and it seems that all their wishes and expectations are generously met by the arrival of this camera.

Nikon D200 digital SLR camera - Viewfinder
Nikon deserve an extra round of credit for the viewfinder. The fact that they have managed to achieve this without fixing an exorbitant price-tag to the camera clearly shows an array of spectacular design skills. I honestly hope it will cause a break in the current trend, resulting in many more digital reflex cameras with viewfinders such as the one on the Nikon D200. To me this is a significant sales argument; it is in the viewfinder after all that the photographer determines the actual photo.

Nikon D200 digital reflex camera - Settings
The settings available on the D200 accommodate the users in each and every possible way. You name it, this camera has got it! The Nikon D200 is a D-SLR that becomes entirely suited to your own hand and ways, a perfect tool. In addition, the Nikon D200 feels very pleasant to hold. You are working with a truly fantastic product!

Nikon D200 SLR - Nikon Capture software
There are however a few unfortunate blemishes on this camera's otherwise excellent report card. The main one is the noise/signal ratio, which is higher than that of the close (CMOS) competition. It concerns mainly colour noise, which makes it even easier to spot. This is where Nikon could have done a better job. The white balance with fluorescent light is also slightly unsatisfactory, but this can easily be avoided by photographing in RAW. It is a pity however, that the software with which Nikon supplies the D200 isn't really worthy of the camera. I would prefer to find a good and complete RAW-converter with this type of models, in fact the very Nikon Capture software that Nikon has available. Lastly, it is somewhat disappointing, yet probably inevitable, that the battery can not be exchanged with that of the D70(s) or Nikon D100. A group of potential buyers of the Nikon D200 will be making the change from one of these models and in such a case it would be convenient to see that a battery purchased as a second can also be used in the new camera.

Nikon D200 - Fast DSLR camera
It should however remain clear that these slightly negative sides are gloriously outweighed by the positive characteristics and features of the Nikon D200. The Nikon D200 is a truly superb camera to work with; it is fast, works intuitively and will rarely disappoint the user. All of this is emphasised by the results. Good colours, that can be altered to your heart's content, and an excellent auto focus ensure countless hours of fun in photography. The matrix metering will generate perfectly exposed images in virtually every case. In addition, the user has the option to choose a spot metering or centre-weighted metering for exceptional light circumstances.

Nikon D200 SLR camera - True shining star
Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that Nikon has caused an earthquake in the current d-SLR market with the arrival of the Nikon D200. A camera of this excellence with such a staggering amount of functions and outstanding image quality, in combination with its price-tag, is truly unheard of. The consumer is the one that will benefit most from this, a fact that we can only applaud. It was a bit of a wait, yet worth every single ounce of our patience! The Nikon D200 is a true shining star, a camera of which we are guaranteed to hear more in the near future. Credit to Nikon!

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Nikon D200 review

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Nikon D200 - Large capacity memory card
The files that the Nikon D200 dSLR produces are of considerable size, especially in RAW (NEF) format. This format can however be compressed, which results in a slightly smaller size. If you want to have a (small) JPEG to send quickly (as would for instance be the case with photo journalists), in addition to RAW, you will soon need a large capacity memory card. A 1GB is the absolute minimum; I would however definitely recommend 2GB or even 4GB.

Considering 1 GB storage capacity:
NEF (RAW) - 3872x2592 pixels - 15.8 MB - 60 images
NEF+JPEG Fine - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 20.7 MB - 44 images
NEF+JPEG Fine - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 18.6 MB - 49 images
NEF+JPEG Fine - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 17.1 MB - 55 images
NEF+JPEG Normal - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 18.3 MB - 50 images
NEF+JPEG Normal - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 17.2 MB - 54 images
NEF+JPEG Normal - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 16.5 MB - 57 images
NEF+JPEG Basic - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 17.1 MB - 55 images
NEF+JPEG Basic - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 16.5 MB - 57 images
NEF+JPEG Basic - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 16.2 MB - 58 images
JPEG Fine - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 4.8 MB - 167 images
JPEG Fine - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 2.7 MB - 294 images
JPEG Fine - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 1.2 MB - 650 images
JPEG Normal - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 2.4 MB - 332 images
JPEG Normal - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 1.4 MB - 578 images
JPEG Normal - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 0.63 MB - 1200 images
JPEG Basic - Large - 3872x2592 pixels - 1.2 MB - 650 images
JPEG Basic - Medium - 2896x1944 pixels - 0.7 MB - 1100 images
JPEG Basic - Small - 1936x1296 pixels - 0.33 MB - 2200 images

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