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Nic Rossmüller : June 6th 2006 - 01:09 CET

Psychologist Angela Wright about colour influences

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OkiPsychologist Angela Wright about colour influences : Oki Printing Solutions and its resident colour guru world renowned colour psychologist Angela Wright are sure to back the winning team this World Cup thanks to some invaluable insight into the psychology of colour. They've found that the colour of team jerseys could have a major impact on each team's performance. In a similar way, colour psychology can provide the winning formula off the field with many businesses also capitalising on Angela's theory to predict how their customers will react to the colours they use in logos, advertising and other forms of communication. While it's a well-known fact that many of the footballers have their own superstitions.
Psychologist Angela Wright about colour influencesFootball players superstitions
Like Michael Owen putting his right sock and boot on before his left.Laurent Blanc kissing the bald head of Fabien Barthez before kick-off, and even Thierry Henry's tendency to touch the ground and cross his heart as he comes onto the pitch, Angela Wright wants to know if they're also taking time to consider the impact the colour of their football jersey has on their performance? According to Angela, certain colours could have a major bearing on player energy levels, the reaction of their opponents and even the emotions of the crowd.

IBM and Dell - Blue color
She says the French team sends out an excellent message to its opposition because its kit comprises royal blue with some red detail. Blue is the colour of the mind and may work to "psyche-out" their opponents as it suggests they will play a well thought out and strategic game. This thoughtful colour, combined with the aggression and power of red, achieves a great balance as it conveys that the team has both brains and brawn. In business many companies, particularly technology and finance companies, choose blue as their corporate colour, as it helps project an intellectual image. IBM, Dell and Barclays use blue to portray a logical, calm organisation.

English footbal team - World Cup
Angela also believes the red and gold of Spain's football kit provides a winning formula. She says red is the colour of physical strength and will work to intimidate the opposition. Moreover, when coupled with the warm yellow, the Spanish team will be perceived as confident. However Angela warns that England's success could come down to luck of the draw. She says that England's white jersey could be perceived as passive on the pitch and will lower the team's energy whereas the red of their away jersey actually increases their physical strength. History attests to this, showing that England's last World Cup win was in 1966 emblazoned in the winning red of their away jersey.

Oki - Powerfull red colour
The personality of red as a stimulating and strong colour has appealed to such major brands as Virgin, Coca-Cola and Oki Printing Solutions, as they use red to convey energy and grab the attention of their customers. And whilst the orange of Holland's jersey indicates the team's fans will be enjoying themselves it is not a particularly supportive colour for the team. Angela says Holland's players may be charging onto the pitch with buoyed levels of enthusiasm, but that their orange jerseys suggest there's no real strategy behind their game.

Angela Wright about team jersey colours
Commenting on colour psychology in sport Angela says: "A team's jersey colours can have a drastic effect on how its footballers play. For example, the Manchester United 1996 away strip was grey, a colour which invariably affects player confidence and essentially makes them feel like hibernating! Not the best emotion to be going onto the pitch with. It was soon replaced because the team didn't win a single game in this away shirt! "And it's not only in football that colour can have an impact. Golfing pro Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt on the final day of a golf tournament as he is convinced it gives him the extra strength for a winning swing."

Chris Whright about Oki corporate colours
Chris Wright, Global Brand Manager for Oki Printing Solutions says: "In today's brand driven economy, businesses can't afford not to have a clear understanding of what their corporate colours say about their business. That's why taking the time to understand the psychology behind each colour gives businesses a massive opportunity to increase their success, as they can then predict exactly how their customers will react to the colours they use in their logo, advertising and other forms of communication." Oki Printing Solutions has a clear understanding of the effects of colour on business, something that is evident in the R&D of its in the box utilities that come as standard with its colour printers. For example Auto-Colour Balance ensures consistent colour output for the life of the printer, and Template Manager 2006 software empowers users to create their own professional colour business documents in-house, from business cards to CD labels and 1.2m banners.

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