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Nic Rossmüller : May 25th 2006 - 12:41 CET
Sinar Emotion 75 Digital Back

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SinarSinar Emotion 75 Digital Back : Sinar, the legendary Swiss company that pioneered the use of digital imaging technology in the professional photography market, has introduced the Sinar eMotion 75, a digital camera back designed for the location and studio photographer. Featuring unrestricted mobility and image quality, the 33 million pixel Sinar eMotion 75 delivers exceptional speed and portability for non-stop shooting in the studio or on location. The Sinar eMotion 75 is compatible with the Sinar m modular System, honored with the 2006 TIPA Award as the best high-end professional camera system. "The same attention to quality also ensures consistency and dependability in any shooting terrain and over a lifetime of creative use."
Sinar Emotion 75 Digital BackSinar Emotion 75 - Capture rate
"Every component of the Sinar eMotion 75 has been designed to meet and exceed Sinar's exceptionally high standards that result in perfect image quality with the best color, clarity and contrast possible," said Cathy Strobel, President, Sinar Bron Imaging. Advanced digital technology built into the Sinar eMotion 75 allows photographers to work intuitively and creatively, never breaking their rhythm under the high-pressure atmosphere of a high-end shoot. With a capture rate of up to 40 images per minute, the Sinar eMotion 75 processes 190MB files every 1.5 seconds and delivers continuous image sequences of up to 160 exposures.

Sinar Emotion 75 Digital Back - 6 GB internal memory
The Sinar eMotion 75 has been designed for tethered and untethered operation, giving photographers complete flexibility to move around freely whether working indoors or out, in the studio or on location. Up to 160 images (when compressed) can be written in uninterrupted sequence on the internal 6GB secure storage medium. Automatic data transfer allows for storage of image data on additional CF cards (up to 8GB) during pauses between exposures, or on both storage media simultaneously. There is no risk of data loss and no additional cables to connect a mass storage device.

Sinar Emotion 75 - Battery
Thanks to advanced sensor technology and electronics optimized for highly efficient performance, it is not necessary to recharge the Sinar eMotion 75 battery every hour. The power provided by the interchangeable Lithium-Ion video battery lasts for up to three hours for long-lasting mobility - and it does so in spite of the brilliant image on the OLED display that can be viewed so conveniently in daylight and at any angle.

Sinar Emotion 75 - Sensor
The large 48 x 36 mm Sinar eMotion 75 sensor and the elimination of micro-lenses allow photographers to work with wide-angle lenses and incorporate swings and tilts. Sinar's unique color filter technology renders colors naturally, eliminating color shifts. All Sinarbacks are compatible with all medium and large format camera configurations with the use of interface plates. With the Hasselblad-V Adapter, Sinar digital backs can be used on any view camera. The Sinar eMotion 75 digital back joins the Broncolor Verso A2 Power Pack, Para FB Umbrellas and Ringflashes as the ultimate digital imaging solution for studio and fashion photographers.

Sinar Emotion 75 Digital Back - Specifications
- Application: Digital camera back for 1-shot exposures with all types of light sources
- CCD Sensor: Dalsa FTF 5066 C: 48 x 36 mm, RGB Mosaic Filter, Full Frame Technology
- Dimensions: 92 x 81x 71 mm
- CCD Pixel size: 7.2 µm
- Sensor Resolution: 33.3 Million Pixel, 6668 x 4992 pixels
- Filesize RAW (16 bit): 64 MB
- Filesize RAW, compressed: 32 MB
- Filesize RAW (48 bit TIFF): 190 MB
- Filesize RAW (24 bit TIFF): 95 MB
- Digitalization: 48 bit (16 bit per color channel)
- Dynamic range (contrast): 12 f-stops
- Capture rate: Up to 40 images/minute
- Nominal Sensitivity: ISO 50 (adjustable from 50 to 400)
- nterface: 1x IEEE 1394A Firewire
- Power Supply: Alternatively via Firewire or interchangeable lithium-ion battery
- On-board battery: up to 3 hours of approximately 250 exposures
- Display: 2.2" OLED, 24 bit color depth (16 Mil. colors)
- Exposure time: 1/10000 - 32 sec.
- Exposure Software: Sinar Captureshop(tm) 5.3 and higher
- Weight: 600 g
- Information on display: images, histogram, sensitivity, battery charge level, exposure - warning, memory status, white balance
- Functionality: Sensitivity, white balance, zoom up to 1:1, resolution, compression, language selection

About Sinar
Sinar Bron Imaging is the exclusive US distributor of Sinar, Broncolor and Foba, the legendary names that represent a 60-year legacy at the forefront of developing the world's highest-quality high-end photographic and lighting equipment. Made in Switzerland, Sinar Bron Imaging's products deliver unsurpassed precision, consistency and image quality, empowering photographers to fully realize their creative ambitions with equipment that lasts a lifetime.

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