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Dennis Hissink : July 21th 2003 - 00:07 CET

JVC UK introduce ProStyle GR-DV700 and GR-DV4000

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JVCJVC UK Ltd is introducing two new digital camcorders that make up its high-end “ProStyle” range. The GR-DV700 and GR-DV4000 MiniDV camcorders both feature an F1.2 lens and 1.33 Megapixel CCD to deliver a horizontal resolution of 540 lines. Both models are also equipped with a USB interface that can stream MPEG-1 data to a PC, facilitating a wide range of computer-based functionality, including Video CD creation, video clip creation, Web-camera webcasting, and digital still image capture. In addition to this great affinity with computers, the two camcorders both have a built-in digital still camera, delivering HG (High Grade) digital stills and MPEG-4 video clips that can be saved on a memory card.
The GR-DV700 is supplied with an 8MB MultiMediaCard, while the GR-DV4000 is supplied with an 8MB SD Memory Card.

Both models feature a super-bright F1.2 Aspherical Lens for brighter images - both moving and still - while the top-of-the-range GR-DV4000 takes its shooting performance to the extreme with an upgraded, high-sensitivity 1.33 Megapixel CCD, and a conspicuous, analogue-style rotating focus ring and square lens hood that true enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. With a simple user interface, anyone who wants something special will enjoy these models, but in the hands of an enthusiast, they will really come alive.

The brighter, F1.2 Aspherical Super Bright Lens, captures twice the amount of light of a conventional lens, delivering a low-light sensitivity of just 9 lux, and assuring an improved performance in dark environments, and when shooting at fast shutter speeds.

Based on the superior MiniDV format, JVC’s new camcorders are equipped with advanced technologies that allow them to exploit the format’s capabilities to the full. These include the 1/4-inch, 1.33 Megapixel CCD image sensor, which contributes to high-resolution video and still images, and the Super High Band Processor, which combines with the CCD chip to deliver an extremely high 540-line horizontal resolution. The 1/4-inch, 1.33 Megapixel Super High-sensitivity CCD on the high-end GR-DV4000 offers an even better performance, its high sensitivity enabling it to deliver further-improved results in low-light conditions.

Both models also feature a built-in Digital Still Camera function that enables the user to shoot HG Digital Stills, with 4 selectable image size settings (1600x1200/1280x960/1024x768/ 640x480-pixel) and store them on a memory card. (An 8MB MultiMediaCard is provided.) There’s also an MPEG-4 Email Video Clip recording function that also stores files on the MultiMediaCard. Stored data can be quickly transferred via USB with on-screen icon access. Alternatively, the memory card can be ejected from the camera and inserted into an optional Floppy Disk Adapter or PC Card Adapter for easy transfer of the data to a PC.

In addition to the DV output available on both models, the DV (i.LINK, IEEE 1394 compliant) terminals on the GR-DV700 and GR-DV4000 also offer a DV input capability. This allows fast data transfer to or from a computer (equipped with DV board) or to or from another MiniDV unit, for dubbing. Both models are also equipped with an analogue input that allows analogue video from an external source to be dubbed to the digital MiniDV format.

For those situations where additional lighting is necessary, both models are equipped with an Info-Shoe interface to allow slot-in attachment of optional accessories, such as a video light, stereo zoom microphone or flash. The GR-DV4000 also has a Retractable Auto Flash built in to brighten up the scene when shooting digital stills.

Both models are equipped with a 123,000-pixel, amorphous-silicon LCD monitor that can be freely tilted for accurate and creative shooting. The GR-DV700 has 2.5-inch screen, while the GR-DV4000 is equipped with a larger, 3.5-inch LCD. And on the rear side of the LCD monitor, the GR-DV4000 also has an “Info” LCD status display that allows the user to check the remaining battery life, tape remaining and recording time remaining.

And for total control of focusing, whatever the shooting conditions, the GR-DV4000 comes with a manual focus ring, making it the ideal choice for the professional camcorder enthusiast.

When you're finished recording, and its time to see the excellent results, the DV Navigation feature on the ProStyle camcorders makes it a breeze. With this function, an index picture and counter information are stored on the memory card whenever you start shooting a new scene, or push the Index button, or at regular pre-settable intervals. To watch the video footage, the user simply calls up the Navigation screen and chooses the scene – the camera will automatically search for and play back the selected footage.

Both the GR-DV700 and the GR-DV4000 are equipped with a USB interface, and come bundled with software that facilitates a variety of creative and visual communication functions. The USB connection is capable of streaming MPEG-1 format video from the camcorder to a personal computer. Once it’s on the PC, the MPEG-1 data can be burned on to a CD-R/RW disc to create a Video CD that can be viewed on most DVD players. This is a neat and easy way to share videos with friends and family, without having to send the original tape. Alternatively, the MPEG-1 data files can be sent as Email attachments over the Internet.

For people who need a Web-camera to communicate in real-time with images and sound, the MPEG-1 video stream can be webcast over the Internet (using third party software such as Microsoft® Netmeeting™) for teleconferencing, surveillance or videotelephony. Naturally, digital stills can also be captured from the camera’s playback footage or live video stream at the PC. The USB interface on these new video cameras makes them ideal tools for gathering digital source material, which can be freely edited and processed on a PC, and authored as a final work using the provided software.

In addition to its entry-level and pocket-sized digital camcorder ranges, the addition of these powerful ProStyle models, designed to please the most demanding customers, will serve to further strengthen JVC’s MiniDV camcorder line-up. With a wider choice than ever before, consumers will find it easier than ever to find the JVC camcorder that best meets their needs and surpasses their expectations.

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