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DarbeeVision digital imaging software awarded
Ralf Jurrien : April 16th 2006 - 22:30 CET
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DarbeeVisionDarbeeVision digital imaging software awarded : DarbeeVision, a software technology that enhances digital images, and provides an unprecedented level of near 3D realism, was awarded patent approval with an exceptional "no claims challenged." The US Patent and Trademark Office issued its patent approval to DarbeeVision (DVn) for its pioneering method of imaging processing. What does this mean for the company that possesses DVn? It means that company will own the ultimate key to unlock the new imaging frontier: the scientific frontier of image depth. DarbeeVision is a software program, which imparts added depth, realism, and a natural ease of vision in all imaging formats.
DarbeeVision digital imaging software awardedDarbeeVision - 2D & 3D images
The opportunities are vast because DarbeeVision covers both 3D and 2D approaches. DVn enables the depth cues of stereo pair images to be naturally expressed for any 2D media (without glasses or expensive hardware) and naturally "smuggles-in" 3D depth cues into 2D created media, resulting in stunning realistic 2D images. This unique and amazing discovery is truly a milestone in the visual media realm. Can you image what Adobe, Steve Jobs, Apple, Steve Spielberg, James Cameron and George Lucas can do with this technology in their hands!

DarbeeVision - Sharpness, clarity & Scene depth
DVn processing has already been used in three major films: Academy Award Winner, Robert Altman's Oscar-winning motion picture "Gosford Park," "Images," and "The Company." Robert Altman said that DarbeeVision is like, "putting on a new pair of glasses." Technical director For Kodak's Cinesite digital effects and digital intermediate businesses, Steve Wright, declared, "Wow! The Darbonized shots had a sharpness, clarity, and scene depth that gave them a 'hyper-realism' compared to the originals...that would make any feature film stand out." Wes Adams from GP Color Imaging Group, a part of the Macintosh desktop publishing revolution from its infancy affirmed, "DarbeeVision is one of those products that is at the cusp of innovation."

DarbeeVision software - Depth, realism, & Ease of vision
DarbeeVision (DVn) is a software program, which imparts added depth, realism, and a natural ease of vision in all imaging formats. DVn optimizes the data that is delivered, maximizing the visual quality and viewing experience. The process works with any digital image source, still or moving, including celluloid film, digital intermediate for film, SD and HD video, DVDs, digital photography, print media, posters, digital graphics, videogames and images on the Web.

DarbeeVision - Beneficial software technology
"Now that our patent has been approved, it is time to fully implement this product and capitalize on the significant number of applications, placements and opportunities for DarbeeVision in the digital media world. Utilizing the DVn software will significantly benefit the consumer's media experience and subsequently a company's bottom line," declared Russell Albright, chief visionary and organizer. Continuing he stated: "We completed our infrastructure development objectives for 2005 and turn to the market driven opportunities in 2006. We are directing our focus to key companies in media, entertainment and Info imaging, to utilize this very beneficial software technology, called DarbeeVision!"

DarbeeVision imaging software - Artificial intelligence technology
DarbeeVision is about depth. Depth is the final frontier in imaging, which has not been mastered until now. Along with color and clarity, depth within an image is a major component in communicating realism. In a natural and synergistic methodology, the DVn process re-formats depth cues into an image, automatically improving the entire visual package, whereby color appears richer (even though no color enhancement is conducted), clarity is increased (even though no contrasting enhancement is conducted). DarbeeVision is an image transformation technology that is not to be mistaken for typical digital image enhancement. It is truly an artificial intelligence technology, with its origins in neuroscience.

DarbeeVision - Powerful imaging software
DVn is a powerful imaging sweetening software product that makes for a very organic and "humanized" viewing experience, which no camera hardware is capable of producing. Visual media, which has been Darbonized, takes on a type of hyper-realism in the image. It is the first software to accurately synthesize the human visual process. One of the most exciting upshots of DarbeeVision processing is that the human brain is the decoder, making impressive 3D-like depth effects possible without the use of any external hardware or gadgetry. This is an amazing discovery, since there are over 6 billion human DarbeeVision decoders walking the planet today!

About DarbeeVision
Today, this discovery is monumental in value. The DarbeeVision software technology provides fundamental algorithms for creating image depth. DVn encompasses the visual science of depth, in a manner that is so profound and yet so simple. Its ramifications are virtually endless for the exploding $365 billion-a-year marketplace, called "Infoimaging." More information about DarbeeVision can be found at DarbeeVision’s web site.

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