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Mark Peters : March 3th 2006 - 04:45 CET

Protecting Imaging businesses from Power Surges

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ZeroSurgeProtecting Imaging businesses from Power Surges : Without proper protection from power surges, imaging business owners put themselves at risk for suffering crippling damage from the same outlets that help their businesses run. Whether it’s a professional wedding photographer or a specialty photo retailer, today’s photo businesses are built around expensive equipment and computer systems. Any sudden damage or loss to those systems could be catastrophic. Understanding that extending the life and reliability of any electronic equipment starts at the plug, Zero Surge, a manufacturer of patented series mode surge removal filters, offers unparalleled powerline surge protection that can be effortlessly integrated into any business setting.
Protecting Imaging businesses from Power SurgesProtecting Imaging businesses
Nothing less than 100% surge protection with 0% failure should be considered for a modern imaging business; for that, turn to Zero Surge. For over 16 years, Zero Surge’s patented products have been providing unequalled, unfailing powerline surge protection for a number of industries. For a business that relies on interconnected computing devices as well as advanced and costly photo equipment, such as kiosks and developing/printing stations, Zero Surge’s power quality filters are especially suitable, ranging from the economical 2R-Series, featuring two outlet units, to the more fully-featured 8R-Series, with eight outlets and a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overloading. Zero Surge offers 15 and 20 amp rack mount units for systems integration in rack mounted setups or 1U modular units if mounting is not required.

Running a safe photo business
“When it comes to running a photo business of any size, today’s professionals need to make the protection of digital assets a top priority,” noted Rudy Harford, Chief Engineer of Zero Surge. “Consumers entrust precious memories to these professionals and have high hopes of seeing a final product that evokes the same emotion as the day the photo was taken. However, a simple power surge can not only destroy the expensive equipment used to make prints, but wipe out the digital files and imaging business all at the same time. With a Zero Surge power quality filter, photo business owners can rest assured that they will never have to tell their customers that their images and files are destroyed because their equipment was unprotected,” concluded Mr. Harford.

Surge’s power quality filters
Unlike the competition that shunts excess surge energy to the “ground” wire and utilizes tiny, inexpensive metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to divert surge current, Zero Surge’s power quality filters perform as a tranquilizer on the surge current and absorb even the most destructive strikes, dissipating them harmlessly over the neutral wire, repeatedly. MOV-based surge suppressors have a history of overheating and causing fires. When hit with powerful surges, MOVs have been known to explode, and they deteriorate with use, completely losing their effectiveness with no outward sign of the degradation. Ensuring an added level of confidence, Zero Surge units don't wear out, and each one comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a Lifetime Service Agreement.

About Zero Surge
Zero Surge Inc. manufactures non-degrading power quality filters, certified by UL for safety, endurance and performance. In business since 1989, the company’s patented filters eliminate the surge damage and equipment loss often experienced with sacrificial MOV (metal oxide varistor) type surge suppressors. Zero Surge Inc. has over 50 models accommodating a wide range of applications. Corporations, medical operations, universities, ocean vessels, the U.S. military and government, manufacturing plants, banks, utilities, and homeowners are just some of the customers relying on Zero Surge filters. The products do not contain sacrificial MOVs which wear out with use, can fail, and have caused fires.

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