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Mark Peters : February 24th 2006 - 15:15 CET

Wacom PL-720 interactive Pen display

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WacomWacom PL-720 interactive Pen display : Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and Interactive Pen Displays, today launches the PL-720, a high resolution, 17” LC screen equipped with a pen that allows the user to write, annotate and navigate directly with the pen onto the screen. Aimed at non-graphic markets such as presentation, audio editing, office automation, command and control systems markets, the new, modern design of the PL-720 provides an ideal tool for an intuitive workflow. The Wacom PL-720 has a sleek and contemporary design with a small robust footprint to conveniently minimise desk space. The new interactive pen display has a 17” diagonal viewing area, SXGA resolution with 1280x1024 pixel and 16.2 Mio colours.
Wacom PL-720 interactive Pen displayWacom interactive Pen display
The stand is adjustable to allow the display to change positions from almost vertical (73°) to almost horizontal (18°). Wacom’s patented ‘Penabled’ technology provides a natural tool for freehand writing, annotating and navigating directly with the pen on the screen. The ergonomically designed cordless and battery-free pen provides 512 levels of pressure and has a programmable double side switch. Working with the pen on the display facilitates perfect hand-eye co-ordination, allowing most jobs to be completed faster and more efficiently. The screen also comes with an integrated compartment to store the pen.

Wacom Pen Display - USB 2.0 support
The Wacom PL-720 now has universal connectivity with two built-in USB 2.0 connectors to attach additional USB devices (low or high-speed) and a VGA (RGB) pass-through connector to connect a video projector. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of existing customer hardware, both PC and Mac products.

Benefits for presentations
The Wacom PL-720 is an ergonomic solution for presentations. Together with a projector it offers a large projection size making it suitable for conferencing and training rooms. Using the Interactive Pen Display enables the presenter to spontaneously write and annotate a presentation directly with the pen on the screen in a similar way a traditional overhead projector is used, but with all the digital advantages that a computer offers.

Wacom PL-720 - Compatible with SXGA video projectors
Interactive communication is improved as the presentation can be directly carried out onto the screen and the presenter does not have to turn away from the audience. It also means that the presenter does not cast a shadow across the screen. This together with the adjustable stand allows a higher level of flexibility and creates a more comfortable approach for presenting. With its VGA (RGB) pass through connector the PL-720 is also compatible with SXGA video projectors and eliminates the need for a video splitter box.

Audio editing applications
The process of audio editing is made easier with the Wacom PL-720 as working with the pen on the display allows fast and precise control while navigating through audio clips. Users can directly and intuitively control sliders, buttons and dials in audio applications by precisely selecting with the pen. Even complex user interfaces can be displayed on the PL-720 due to the SXGA high-resolution display area. Furthermore, the Wacom PL-720 is perfect for office automation as it allows users to intuitively manage and edit documents. Handwritten corrections and annotations can be added to any digital document in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. It also supports Biometrical Signature Authentication (BSA).

Wacom Pen - Point and click feature
This is further improved by the point and click feature which allows quick navigation with absolute positioning. A sensor-board below the LC display tracks the exact location of the pen on the screen with unprecedented accuracy and allows precise navigation directly on the display. This intuitive way of working maximises efficiency and helps to promote uninterrupted workflow. Using the pen with the display can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Muscles in the finger, hand and arm are employed simultaneously, preventing the repetitive use of any single muscle.

Command and Control systems - SXGA high-resolution display area
The SXGA high-resolution display area enables fast and precise navigation to control complex user interfaces. The display enables secure access, as the Wacom pen is the only input device that is recognised by the PL-720. This also prevents mistakes occurring if the screen is accidentally touched.

Wacom Pricing and availability - System requirements
The Wacom PL-720 is available from 15th February 2006 from Computers Unlimited and is priced at £919.00 excluding VAT. The product carries a two years warranty. The Interactive Pen Display has two USB connectors and a VGA (RGB) pass-through connector and runs on Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and XP x64 and Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.

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