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Ilse Jurriƫn : December 15th 2005 - 15:29 CET

Sinar m System

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SinarSinar m System : At Photokina 2002 Sinar AG presented the Sinar m, a trailblazing new element for its modular system. The product that was shown as a concept at that time has now been perfected into a professional camera system. It is the declared objective of the Sinar m System to provide the photographer with a maximum of flexibility. It is designed to make it possible to execute every assignment simply and expediently, with absolutely no compromises in quality. The heart of the Sinar m System is a module that consists of a focal plane shutter and fully electronically controlled operating elements. A range of accessories can quickly be attached with merely a few flicks of the wrist to tailor it to the job at hand.
Sinar m SystemHigh performance Sinar m System
The Sinar m System is remarkably effective in every situation, regardless of whether it is used as a view camera or as a compact camera. The high performance capability of current and future systems requires an extremely precise camera and lens technology. Only with that high level of precision can the performance capability of modern sensors with smaller pixel sizes on the same surface area be utilized effectively while still achieving the required data quality. Compromises in precision add up to significant losses in quality, which is why the investment in a high-resolution digital back can only be justified in conjunction with appropriately precise camera systems. Because of the smaller pixels of modern sensors, this fact has to be taken into account increasingly.

Sinaron Digital AF Mirror Module
An autofocus feature that works with the precision of a Swiss watch movement and with a speed that is among the fastest in its class is available in conjunction with the Sinaron Digital AF Mirror Module and the Sinaron Digital AF lenses from Carl Zeiss. The photographer is free to devote his undivided attention to the subject because a high-grade exposure metering system with several metering modes is available, along with various automatic exposure modes as well as a TTL flash exposure control.

Sinar m System - Lens
Lenses that were designed specifically for digital photography with the Sinar m ensure, among other advantages, high resolution and the best contrast rendition all the way to the edges of the image circle. The mirror module also makes it possible to use a variety of Hasselblad lenses of the V-Series. Focusing and setting the aperture have to be performed manually, but the exposure- and the focus-metering systems of the mirror module can be used in a supporting function.

Sinarback digital backs - 35 mm mirror module
When the 35 mm mirror module is used, various Nikon lenses can be attached. That greatly expands the versatility of the Sinarback digital backs because of the extensive selection of lenses with different focal lengths that range from extreme wide-angle lenses to super telephoto lenses. Because of the oversize CCD sensors in Sinarback digital backs, the full 24 x 36 mm format can be utilized, possibly even more, depending on the digital back and the lens that is being used.

Sinar m System - Sinar p3 View Camera
The well-proven Sinar p3 View Camera can be enhanced even further by means of the Sinar m System. Attached to a Sinar p3 View Camera, the Sinar m functions as a modern shutter system that can be controlled via the display on the camera and also by means of CaptureShop Software on a computer. With its shutter speeds of up to 1/2000 second, the Sinar m is the fastest view camera shutter on the market. The Sinar m System is equipped perfectly for the future and it is compatible with all Sinarback models. Thus the Sinar m System is exactly the right product for all professional photographers who demand the greatest possible quality in every photographic assignment and situation.

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