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Ilse Jurriƫn : November 27th 2005 - 15:15 CET

Holiday photo tips

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Memento PressHoliday photo tips : Billions of digital photographs will be taken this holiday season yet only a fraction will ever see the light of day, trapped and isolated in the growing number of stored image files in digital cameras and computers. It is estimated only one in five digital images actually gets printed and Memento Press, the Bay Area's first photo book store, is offering tips to help digital photographers liberate their holiday photographs this season to share with family and friends and assemble to enjoy for years to come. Memento Press offers the following helpful tips to Pick, Fix, Save and Print digital images taken during the holiday season, which is also the busiest photography season.
Holiday photo tipsHoliday season photo tips
"Digital photo cameras have provided people more flexibility in photographs than film ever could, yet we find that most people rarely organize, print or share the images after they are downloaded," said Josh Litwin, president and chief executive officer of Memento Press. "As time goes on, trying to organize hundreds of stored images can be so overwhelming that it continues to be put off. That's why we are encouraging people to think ahead this holiday season and apply a few simple tips.

Digital camera - Favorite photos
Pick your Favorites After the event, as you transfer images, take time to pick your favorites so you are organized when ready to print. 1. Create a "Favorite Photos" folder on your computer and add sub folders with clear titles by event or month (i.e. Thanksgiving) 2. Transfer the images from your camera to your computer in a "temporary" folder and open the folder. 3. Be picky! Select the photos that mean the most and drag and drop these favorites into the corresponding event/month's "Favorites" folder 4. Delete the non-favorites or save elsewhere to avoid computer clutter. Fix your Favorites. One big advantages of digital over film is the ability to "fix" your photos after the fact. After you pick your favorites, use the easy- to-use tools on computers to adjust color, red eye and zoom.

Red eye reduction software
If you're short on time, design experts, such as those at Memento Press, can perform these tasks for you: 1. Cropping By cutting out the boring stuff from your photo, you further accent your subject. 2. Color and Exposure Fix Many programs have a "one touch" fix, and controls for brightness and color. If the new image looks better than the old one, save it. Red Eye Reduction Use your photo software to remove redeye during this "cleanup" stage, so you don't have to worry about it again. Save in Two Places Since photos can be vulnerable to the whims of technology and nature, it is important to protect your memories by saving them in two places. Use your computer's CD burner, or a plug-in hard drive to save a copy.

Holiday photo season
If you only have limited time, we suggest saving your favorite images after the two biggest photo-taking seasons: the holidays and summer. If you follow the steps for saving your "Favorites" by the month, it's easy to copy the new images that have been taken since the last time you backed up. The most important things to remember are: 1. Once you have your "Favorites" folders created, back up files created since your last backup. 2. Label your backup CD's by date. 3. Store in a safe and accessible place to easily grab in case of an emergency. Print your Favorites Whether you do-it-yourself, order online or go through personal service providers like Memento Press, take time to print your images. These can be traditional print format or other products like Memento Press' flagship hardcover book, soft cover books, photo canvases, calendars, journals, notebooks, and greeting cards.

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