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Jasper Huitink : October 18th 2005 - 00:30 CET

Spectraview 2 color calibration software from NEC

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NECSpectraview 2 color calibration software from NEC : Promising a new level of color calibration management for NEC monitors, NEC Display Solutions, the leading stand-alone vendor of flat panel desktop displays, today announced the SpectraView 2 color calibration solution. By combining award-winning NEC Display technology with an ultra-sensitive color measurement sensor and sophisticated software, SpectraView 2 delivers an advanced and easy-to-use calibration and profiling solution for color-critical applications such as computer graphics, digital animation, medical imaging, pre-press production and film, video and photo editing studios. SpectraViewII offers an extremely accurate and reliable display calibration.
Spectraview 2 color calibration software from NECCRT monitor & LCD display
As the sale and availability of CRT monitors continues to decline, professionals requiring exceptional color and image high performance have been the last to make the transition to LCD monitor displays. By offering a even more accurate and easy-to-use display calibration and profiling solution on select NEC MultiSync LCD, SpectraViewII allows users to calibrate the brightness, white point and luminance curves to defined industry standards or to specific customized user settings.

Spectraview 2 - LCD software
As the software coponent of this exciting new product line, SpectraViewII offers scores of innovative features and capabilities for NEC SpectraView professional-level LCD displays. Poised to become the premier digital monitor management solution on the market, SpectraViewII delivers greater sensitivity and better color accuracy over previous releases in addition to providing the flexibility of being able to support multiple displays on a single system. It also can be utilized over a network using NEC’s acclaimed NaViSet Administrator software for remote calibration and an unparalleled level of asset management.

GretagMacbeth - Color and light
Included in the solution is the Eye-One Display 2, a co-branded colorimeter from GretagMacbeth, a worldwide leader of color management solutions. The Eye-One Display 2 colorimeter measures color and light from the displays producing exceptional color tracking and repeatability.

NEC Display Solutions - Hardware calibration
“SpectraViewII offers an extremely accurate and reliable display calibration solution for users who depend on consistent and repeatable color outputs,” said Ray Froude, Senior Product Specialist for NEC Display Solutions. “Our latest release offers a number of advances such as full hardware calibration and greater measurement sensitivity resulting in superior color accuracy.”

NEC flat panel SpectraviewII LCD Color Calibration - features
• 10-bit internal Look Up Tables (LUTs) - Allows the monitor to display from a color palette of more that 1 billion colors as well as precise adjustments to be made to the display’s tone response curve without reducing the number of displayable colors.
• Multiple Calibration Sets - Different display monitor calibrations such as NTSC (National Television System Committee) and Adobe RGB can be instantly loaded allowing quick and easy switching between different calibration settings without the need to re-calibrate the display.
• Reporting Functionality - Detailed information about the display such as the measured color gamut, grayscale color tracking, Delta-E, and luminance values is reported at the end of each display monitor calibration. Additional information about the display monitor such as the model name, serial number and the total number of hours that it has been in use are also available.
• Calibration status validation - SpectraViewII will query each calibrated monitor to see if any controls have changed since the last calibration. If anything has changed, the previous calibrated state can be restored automatically.
• Network support (Windows only) - SpectraViewII works in conjunction with the NEC NaViSet Administrator network software providing remote network access to the display, enabling the ability to read, display and log the current calibration settings and status of displays on a LAN.
• Monitor locking - On-Screen Display controls can be locked to prevent accidental or unauthorized adjustment which may invalidate the calibrated state of the monitor.
• Monitor Profiling - After calibration, the display is automatically profiled and highly accurate ICC/ColorSync color profiles are generated and automatically registered with the Color Management System.

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