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Ilse Jurriën : September 2nd 2005 - 13:51 CET

Nikon press conference at IFA 2005

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IFANikon press conference at IFA 2005 : This morning Nikon is offering a press conference. Martina Beckman opens with an interesting speech. New innovations like wireless transmissions, and software user-friendly features for the consumer are key points in Nikon's strategy. Nikon needs to be creative in offering new services and solutions. New technologies and innovations are sometimes difficult to translate in an easy way to the consumer to enable him or her to use it. Nikon feels it is committed to being 'At the heart of the image'. One of Nikon's strong points is the use of glass materials but also light control technology, colour sciences and image processing technologies add to Nikon's strength.
Nikon press conference at IFA 2005Nikon digital cameras - User-friendly
Already for many years Nikon is working on technique for cameras and digital cameras. New software innovations are D-Lighting, Face priority AF and In-camera red-eye fix. These software solutions are developed for making progress in user-friendliness of Nikon digital cameras, like the new Nikon Coolpix cameras. Nikon has decided 2.5 inch as the new standard display size, and it's about time they did. Large LCD displays are a must, it is just more fun and definitely more convenient to view or control the image on a larger display.

Nikon Wireless - History
Since 1983 Nikon is trying to establish wireless as a tool for the professional. In the beginning it took about one hour to send over 1 single colour photo, can you imagine?! Around 1993 the colour digital transmitter NT-3000 was born to improve transmission times. In 2003 the WT-1 transmitter and later on the WT-2 was born, still only for the Pro. Today Nikon is introducing wireless for the consumer. One of the new features will be a PD-10 wireless adapter to be plugged into a printer to allow wireless printing directly from the camera. There are several WiFi future possibilities. Unfortunately today there is still no standard for wireless transmissions so Nikon is communicating with several other companies to seek possibilities for wireless on a large scale. Think of the Internet, servers, etc where the Nikon Coolpix camera will take up a central position.

Markus Hillebrand (Nikon Germany)
Nikons top of consumer digital cameras is the P-line at this moment. The Nikon P1 and Nikon P2 digital cameras feature 8,0 and 7,2 Megapixels. These new models will be known to the world as the most 'flexible' digital camera. Nikon is worldwide the first to integrate wireless in digital cameras. Kodak also has one model with wireless, but this function is not integrated in the camera itself; it has a flash card with wireless integration on board. According to Markus Hillebrand: "Nikon has a lot of experience with wireless technology and we are very experienced in the Professional market. We are very confident that this new features will make transfer data more user-friendly than the cable configurations." Markus continues: "There are three main features: Wireless shooting, Wireless transfer and Wireless printing. All these features are possible with the new Coolpix P digital cameras."

Nikon Coolpix P digital camera - Easy transfer
The Coolpix P1 or P2 needs to be connected physically to the computer to make a connection first. After that it is possible to transfer data wireless. Turn the mode dial on the camera, choose the profile (computer), select the desired image transfer functions and choose the computer. A very easy set-up. Wireless printing on a printer is even easier. Use the Nikon PD-10 adapter and you will never need a computer again. Just choose a PictBridge printer, plug-inn the adapter and print. Set up is also easy. Rotate the mode dial, highlight the printer's profile and print. With the standard delivered Picture Project software you can add photos to a slide show, wireless!

Nikon Wireless demonstration
During the press conference Nikon demonstrated the wireless transmission by shooting 5 Megapixel photos with normal compression. An 8 Megapixel photo, best compression will take about 5-10 seconds to be transported wireless. During the 'question and answer' session: What about the energy consumption? For shooting it's the same consumption, for wireless transmission there is not much more energy wasted, cause all the energy is only used for transmission, Nikon thinks they have balanced this quite well. One question had nothing to do with the new wireless features, but the answer could be interesting: "Will Nikon use CMOS sensors in the near future?" According to Nikon: "Nikon is studying this possibility, but today we think CCD is the best solution…"

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