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Mark Peters : September 5th 2005 - 01:10 CET updated

IFA 2005 Report

Digital Review Test Appareil Photo Numerique Prueba camara digital Camera Review Dijital Kamera Incelemeleri Digitalkamera Test Digitalkamera
LetsGoDigitalIFA 2005 report : IFA 2005 is held in Berlin, Germany, from September 2 - 7 2005. IFA 2005 is the world's largest Consumer Electronics trade fair. This event is very interesting for those who wants to be the first to know what will be the major announcements and innovations for the upcoming season. During this event devices like a digital camera, digital SLR, digital camcorder, photo printer, camera phone, flash memory, photo kiosk, MP 3 player and much more will be show cased by the major brands from the digital imaging industry. During the IFA show various programs with special events for consumers will take place. LetsGoDigital will attend the IFA show 2005 and will publish a live report at www.ifa-show.com.
IFA 2005 ReportIFA digital imaging & digital music
Digital photography is hot. Whether the device is a compact digital camera, digital SLR or a mobile camara phone capturing your favorite moment is something you are able to do any time any place. Digital photography is central to IFA 2005. You can expect a broad range of new products that are going to be show cased during the IFA 2005 show. Canon is returning to the messe in Berlin after staying for some shows at the Potzdammerplatz. Besides imaging expect also digital music, sometimes combined with imaging.

IFA 2005 - Television and Entertainment
One of the six categories is something we all know for years: television and entertainment. This medium is also influenced with digital media, big time. IFA has it all on display; music and entertainment, broadcasting and communication, services and technology, the new media world watched by many millions of consumers all around the world has been converged. IFA 2005 brings radio, television, streaming media and the data or content providers, the complete media mix, together.

Internationale Funkaustellung - Personal Communication
Mobile imaging is one of the categories that is gaining market share by the day. At the IFA 2005 new generations of mobile phones will be showing off all their features, and compared to devices like a digital camera you can say that these features are impressive. Play music, view the next TV program, play games, chat, E-mail and take pictures, a complete multimedia device. Communications plays an important role and never before were separate telecommunication, entertainment devices and digital imaging so closely linked before. IFA 2005 in Berlin will be the place to be for those of you who are interested in personal communication.

Personal computing and Games
A PC plays an important role in daily life. More and more electronic devices are becoming integrated with the PC. All kind of hardware; CD-writers, Blue-ray, hard drives, video cards or other multimedia parts will find a place on the IFA show floor. Digital imaging is often experienced together with a PC which is becoming a real multimedia device for the young and old. We all have played a game once in a while, some more than others… but today a PC is capable to play a more serious role in an average house hold. How serious? IFA 2005 will be the place to experience the role of today's PC.

IFA SNC Satellite, Networks and Cable
A television is an important device in an average house hold. But how does the content comes into the living room. Today there are several options to choose from: DVB-T or MHP, pay-TV or free-TV, cable or satellite, etc. It seems that every time you are waiting on the last innovation to become reality a new technique rises from the horizon. New technologies, new standards and new innovations are ready to conquer today's market. The IFA in Berlin, Germany, will offer a window to the future.

Messe Berlin - Sound and CarMedia
The day that a car was just a vehicle with a motor, some electronics, fuel and a driver are definitely over. Today electronics seems to have taken over control. High-end Hi-Fi music, to comfort the driver and his passengers, and navigation to help getting on the right destination without losing valuable time are one of those things that have become one of those changes for a vehicle like a car. Wait till the data/content providers get their hands for 100% on the communication with the car and its passenger. Whether its hard-drive recorders, DVD players, chip-card players, surround sound, mobile communications and navigations, all of these items are merging or at least linked to each other to become the latest In-Car-Entertainment. At the IFA event you will see all of these presented.

IFA show 2005 report
LetsGoDigital will cover the IFA 2005 show live from the floor. Expect the latest news from the major digital imaging brands introducing their new line of digital cameras, digital camcorders, digital reflex cameras, flash products, inkjet printers, and many other devices. Our main focus will be digital imaging, but we will take you also to other interesting news. Join us at www.ifa-show.com , bookmark it, and keep your eye on it for the following weeks. We hope you will enjoy the IFA 2005 report!

   IFA 2005 report
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