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Apple iPad Pro 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 Apple iPhone Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 8 HTC 11 Sony Xperia L1
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Ilse Jurriën : July 24th 2005 - 20:30 CET

OhGizmo! gadget blog most popular

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OhGizmoOhGizmo! gadget blog most popular : Sometimes you come across unique or funny places on the Internet, read the stuff and continue your journey. Lately it happened that some places were more frequently visited by us. Why? Just because of the weird and sometimes total unique gadgets hanging around there on the Internet. One of those must-see places is OhGizmo! It's one of those popular Blogs that have been spreading around like rabbits in a too small bush?. However in this case we feel that it is more than just a Blog, it is fun, you wanna be part of it, you simply don't want to miss all that gadget news. Run completely alone by the master himself OhGizmo! is getting more and more popular and a must have for your bookmarks!
OhGizmo! gadget blog most popularGadgets, Innovations and Design
OhGizmo! is a frequently updated blog that focuses on gadgets, innovation and design. It sets itself apart from giants like Gizmodo and Engadget by recognizing and catering to two personality traits shared by most gadget lovers: a keen sense of aesthetics, and an almost childlike hunger for amazement. The words of the master himself: "A bit like a Boingboing for techies?" You will be amazed how much is going on in the world of Gadgets. Sometimes simple brilliant ideas, mostly full of humor? anyway it makes you think, it even sometimes gives you some creative inspiration! Give it some minutes of your time, click on the related link below and visit our new friend at OhGizmo!

OhGizmo! - Smart Hydro
Also included in the recommended related links are the Smart Hydro and Perfect Mountain Bike gadgets of which more highlights can be read over at OhGizmo! The Smart Hydro, from company iHouse is an intelligent bath. "You can communicate with it in a number of ways: through your cellphone, PDA, or even across the internet. This way, you can tell it when to prepare your bath for you, what temperature to make it and such."

OhGizmo! - Perfect Mountain Bike companion
Ever wanted to go out for a weekend with your mountain bike, but you didn't know where to sleep? Well OhGizmo! has got the answer for you. "Now, if you fancy going places with your mountain bike and you like camping, why not then just use your bike as the structure for your tent? Makes sense, no? Simply detach the wheel (it’s made specifically for 26? wheels) and plop it in at one end. Then, use the rest of your bike as the structure for the other side. Just like that, you have yourself a one man tent." Simple click on the related links below, to find out more about the unique gadget blog OhGizmo!

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   OhGizmo! Smart Hydro
   OhGizmo! Perfect mountain biker companion
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