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Dennis Hissink : June 29th 2005 - 16:21 CET

Ricoh Caplio R2S

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RicohRicoh Caplio R2S digital camera introduction : Ricoh Japan announces the new Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera, a 5 Megapixel masterpiece featuring an incredible 4.8x optical zoom lens that guarantees top quality pictures, and a large format 2.5-inch LCD for super high-resolution images as well as enlarged characters and icons that enhance functionality. The 25.8-mm stylishly thin body of the Ricoh R2S, a product of Ricoh's innovative retractive lens system, packs a host of advanced technologies, while the user-friendly interface of the extra-large LCD empowers both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts to take full advantage of all these powerful features. Able to switch between the rechargeable battery and AA batteries.
Ricoh Caplio R2SCaplio R2S - 2.5-inch LCD display
The Ricoh Caplio R2S its impressive, high-definition 2.5-inch LCD is con- siderably larger and provides more image details than any LCD fitted on digital cameras as compact as the Ricoh Caplio R2S. It reduces daytime glare because the LCD is equipped with a convenient one-touch brightness adjust- ment mechanism that allows clearer confirmation of the image, even in bright sunlight. The extra-large LCD displays enlarged text that is easier to read, and it also expertly arranges an array of helpful icons that do not obscure the image before shooting.

Ricoh - Settings of the Caplio R2S
Compared to the Ricoh Caplio R2 the new R2S has a new function on board. It is now possible to choose whether you prefer to save your settings for the next time you turn your camera on or reset tot default settings. Icons representing basic modes and settings, such as shooting mode, flash and macro settings, can be further enlarged to facilitate one-glance checking of current settings. Other useful functions include a histogram that allows confirmation of the image exposure and necessary adjustments before shooting. There is also an ADJ (adjust) button which immediately recalls the most frequently-used exposure, white balance, and ISO settings. For picture playback, there is a choice of displaying one, three, or twelve pictures at a time. A one-picture display includes even the smallest details of a picture, while a twelve-picture display saves time and effort when searching for a desired picture.

Ricoh Caplio R2S - Long lasting power
Even with a 2.5-inch LCD, the Ricoh Caplio R2S consumes only as much power as its predecessors fitted with a 1.8-inch LCD, and guarantees long-lasting power with the versatility to switch between three different types of power sources, the lithium ion rechargeable battery, AA alkaline or nickel-hydrogen batteries, or an AC power source. As many as 500 high quality images can be shot on one charge of the rechargeable battery and up to 200 images when using AA alkaline batteries. A combination of these power sources coupled with the Ricoh R2S its energy-saving feature, which turns off the LCD monitor when the camera is not in operation, ensures efficient and optimum performance even over an extended period of time.

Ricoh R2S - Wide and Tele zoom lens
The all-round Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera delivers outstanding results in practically any photographic situation, whether for the capture of wide commanding scenery or the fine details of faraway objects. With a near-panoramic 75-degree angle of view, the Ricoh R2S its 28mm wide-angle lens can shoot an incredibly wide spatial area. Since the user doesn't have to stand back a considerable distance to 'squeeze in' all there is, as is necessary with a conventional 35mm digital camera, it is especially useful for shooting wide scenes from a stationary position. Furthermore, the Ricoh R2S its 4.8x optical zoom can hone in on distant objects with startling clarity. A five-step preset zoom function enables zoom from 28mm to 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and to 135mm quickly with a touch of a button. The 4.8x optical zoom coupled with the 3.6x digital zoom gives an astonishing 17.3x zoom capacity, and Ricoh's unique Smooth Imaging Engine ensures sharp and vivid images even in large printed formats.

Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera - Functionality
A host of new and improved functions work behind the scenes of the Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera in support of top class photography. The Ricoh R2S adopts a multipoint focus system that divides the image displayed on the LCD into 15 zones and indicates the current focus areas to confirm pre-shooting focus accuracy. In macro mode, an upgraded auto focusing technology measures the closeness, size, and contrast of the macro image to ensure focus precision. When taking pictures in dim indoor light, the Ricoh Caplio R2S automatically optimizes ISO sensitivity and shutter speed to prevent slow shutter speeds that can lead to blurring from camera shake. Furthermore, the Auto Bracket feature facilitates taking pictures in difficult lightings by automatically shooting three consecutive shots at three different exposure levels. These are only a handful of the Ricoh Caplio R2S its wealth of outstanding functions.

Ricoh R2S digital camera - Ultra fast responses
Quick responses are essential to capturing picture-perfect moments. From start-up to shutter response, the Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera boasts one of the fastest response times of all digital cameras, an incredible 0.8 seconds. When shutter button is pressed (full-press), the shutter responds practically instantaneously in about 0.06 seconds. Calculated from the time the focus is locked (half-press) the shutter responds in a miraculous 0.003 seconds. With the Ricoh Caplio R2S, missed spontaneous moments are a thing of the past. Moreover, the Ricoh Caplio R2S can be ready to shoot the next picture in less than a second, and its continuous shooting mode captures up to 16 consecutive images with one prolonged press of the shutter button. Utilizing this feature, continuous pictures of a bird taking flight or a toddler's first unsteady steps are possible, and they can be played back on the extra-large LCD one by one or as a slide show.

Ricoh Caplio R2S digital camera - Availability
Our sources within Ricoh Europe informed us that we must not expect to see the new Ricoh Caplio R2S in the stores outside of Japan. For now, the introduction is only meant for the Japanese market. The Ricoh Caplio R2S and R2 models are almost identical to each other, the main difference is just a simple function upgrade.

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