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Mark Peters : May 17th 2005 - 13:00 CET

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign

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FujifilmFujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign : A new, Europe-wide TV ad campaign by Fujifilm starts in May, which was developed by the company as the official sponsor of the FIFA Soccer World Championship 2006. The broadcast will begin as a forerunner of the Confederation Cup 2005, which the company is also supporting as an official partner. The goal of the ad campaign is to focus more attention on the issue of real photos of digital images, and to further develop the targeted recognition of the Fujifilm brand in the direction of the digital competence. "Of course, the topic of soccer will still be the focus of the ad campaign," assures Wolfgang Winterscheidt, Manager of Advertisement and Sponsoring.
Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign Fujifilm Soccer World Championship
"We will capture all these emotions with real photos! Those who use digital photography, should know: I can still show a real photo many years later. I get those photos developed by the photo lab retailer in a particularly easy and uncomplicated manner on Fujifilm photo paper. We want to contribute to strengthen retailers in this way, and force the demand for professionally and inexpensively developed photos," continues Wolfgang Winterscheidt, Ma- nager of Advertisement and Sponsoring.

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign - Appearance in 60 European Countries
The TV spot will be broadcast in nearly 60 countries via the pan-European station Eurosport. More than 100 million households in Europe will be reached in this way. The broadcast will run from May until December 2005, a continuation for the soccer world championship in the year
2006 is also planned. The European subsidiaries of the company have the opportunity to adapt the campaign for national use. The new ad can also be viewed on the Internet at .

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign - Production at Düsseldorf
The European-wide appearance is a production that was realized completely in the Düsseldorf area. It was filmed at the Düsseldorf LTU-Stadium, but with an international cast. "The director was David Alcalde from Spain, the leading actors came from Argentina, the Samba group was from Holland, and the extensive time-slice technology came from Belgium. Management supported our 40-people team in a great way during the four days of filming; the location was perfect for our purposes," says Winterscheidt. In this way, a photo shop in the LTU stadium could be complete reproduced.

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign - Two Variations
Two versions of the new TV ad campaign were filmed. In the spot 'catch the moment', we observe a female fan who is photographing the decisive scene of a final game. At this moment, the scenery freezes, 75 cameras connected in parallel capture the backward fall of the Argentine soccer professional, and impart the impression that one can walk around the center forward, who is motionlessly hanging in mid-air. The female fan is moving among the motionless fans. She rushes into the photo shop and gets prints of her snapshots in just minutes. As she returns to the stadium with the photos, the motionless state is released, players and fans are celebrating the success. The time-slice technology known from the motion picture Matrix was used for the production.

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign - Everlasting memories
In the spot 'everlasting memories' the seats are also completely filled. In an extensive post production, all seats of the LTU stadium were filled in countless takes of the 300 extras. This spot also tells the story of a final game, but from the view of the soccer player, who scores the decisive goal during the last minute. His girlfriend takes a picture of him with her digital camera, both are looking at the photos developed on Fujifilm paper at home. 50 years later, the soccer player, who has turned gray now, again reaches for the photos in order to share the hour of his greatest triumph with his grandchildren. And lo and behold: while Grandpa’s original final game jersey has clearly lost its color, the photos are as brilliant and colorfast as ever. The longevity of real photos as compared to the perishability of digital data is the key message of this commercial.

Fujifilm Soccer World Championship TV Ad Campaign - Emotion of a photo
Wolfgang Winterscheidt is satisfied with the production’s result: "The Argentine soccer professional was a real lucky grab. His cooperation with the players of the county and organizational Leagues was ideal. The soccer scenes are presented in an absolutely authentic and exciting manner. The audiences in front of their televisions will wonder which teams are playing; that’s how emotional the effect of the photos is." The two TV spots were developed by the Düsseldorf agency BMZ+more.

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