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Mark Peters : April 1st 2005 - 18:45 CET

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology introduction

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FujifilmFujifilm Real Photo Technology introduction : Fujifilm can look back on many years of experience in all sectors of photography, be it in analogue film or in digital cameras. Now Fujifilm is introducing Real Photo Technology that covers all the know-how for the development of a new kind of digital camera. The three most important elements of a digital camera are adjusted optimally to one another: the lens, the image sensor and an intelligent image processing software. The first products with Fujifilm Real Photo Technology will be appearing on the market in the next few days. With the Fujifilm FinePix Z1 and the Fujifilm F10 the company will introduce two cameras that have both elegant design and excellent technical performance.
Fujifilm Real Photo Technology introductionFujifilm Real Photo Technology
The three harmonized elements of Real Photo Technology offer the photography many advantages: thanks to the high light sensitivity of the Fujifilm Super CCD image sensors and the excellent quality of the Fujinon lens the user is rewarded with natural-looking photos that can, in many cases, be taken without the use of additional flash. The speedy processing of the data using the Real Photo Processor brings with it other luxurious characteristics: fast start-up times, extremely short release delay and an economic energy consumption. With the short exposure times the fast combination of Super CCD and Real Photo Processor also effectively reduces the risk of blurring.

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology - Total concept
The quality of a digital camera does not only depend on resolution but also on the best possible harmonization of the three most important elements: optics, image sensor and processing electronics. Only when all these elements are minutely adjusted to one another can this result in focused, brilliantly coloured photos that offer excellent quality on the monitor, in printed form or as exposed photographic print. As one of the largest imaging companies worldwide Fujifilm is in a position to develop and to manufacture these components themselves. This has substantial advantages for the consumer as this is the only way that the above elements can be explicitly harmonized with one another. Now the company is combining the three most important elements of the camera in the term Real Photo Technology, optics, image sensor and image processor are already of excellent quality individually and are brought together thanks to Real Photo Technology inside the camera to an inseparable unit whose individual advantages complement each other.

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology - Fujinon lenses
All over the world professionals know the Fujinon brand for high quality lenses made for electronic image capturing systems. Television companies use them both as stationary studio cameras and as professional video cameras in reports or recorded TV films or series. Because of Fujifilm's many years of experience in developing this kind of high-end optical equipment for image capture the company has a unique advantage in the conception and production of digital cameras. This development and manufacturing know-how for the Fujinon lenses will also benefit the users of digital cameras thanks to Real Photo Technology. In the development of this kind of camera several technical hurdles must, however, be mastered: users demand not only a lens that provides excellent imaging and picture quality but also with the largest possible zoom range and high speed. In addition the camera should be as compact as possible in order not to reduce the fun of digital photography with comprehensive and, in every sense of the word, unbearable, heavy and voluminous equipment. The new Fujifilm FinePix Z1 digital camera displays in an impressive way the potential of Fujifilm Real Photo Technology with regard to optical equipment for these tasks. The ultra-compact camera in credit card format has a full 3x zoom lens that is fitted vertically into the camera. This means that the Fujifilm FinePix Z1 remains small even when ready for operation as the lens still does not project out of the camera after it is switched on. Despite its miniature size this Fujinon lens provides excellent picture quality and focused photos in brilliant colours.

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology - 5th generation Super CCD HR
A further element of Real Photo Technology is the Super CCD Sensor. Since its introduction in the year 2000 this revolution, every recording chip has been continuously improved and the fifth generation is now being fitted in the new digital cameras FujiFilm FinePix F10 and Fujifilm FinePix Z1. Two supreme characteristics characterize this sensor: firstly its honeycomb structure allows an extremely high number of pixels to be housed, despite its compact size. In the Fujifilm FinePix F10 a sensor with an effective resolution of 6.3 Megapixels is used. This even makes poster-sized prints possible.

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology - Extremely sensitive
Fujifilm has succeeded in developing an extremely sensitive Super CCD. Using a two-stage noise reduction it has ensured that brilliant photos are produced even where little light is available. The new cameras with a sight sensitivity of ISO 1600 (Fujifilm FinePix F10) and ISO 800 (Fujifilm FinePix Z1) achieve technical values that has previously only been available in much more expensive high-end cameras, and thus offer the photographer substantial advantages: even at dusk it is possible to take focused, naturally lit photos without a tripod as it is possible to use high shutter speeds and thus minimize the risk of blurring. This allows you to take photographs without using flash to retain the natural light atmosphere on the picture. Photos by candlelight, family celebrations, the sunset on holiday, the high ISO values offer many advantages. The photographer is able to work with shorter exposure times because of the high light sensitivity in order, for example, to take sports photos without blurring, even extremely fast movements can thus be frozen in the picture.

Fujifilm Real Photo Technology - Real Photo Processor
The brightness information that a digital camera registers with its lens and image sensor must be interpreted by internal electronics in order for a visible photo to be created. With the Real Photo Processor Fujifilm has developed a powerful mini-computer in chip format that takes over this task. It contains the image know-how of the professional Digital SLR Fujifilm FinePix S3 in order to also improve the quality of the compact cameras. Thanks to this help the new cameras are extremely fast: the Fujifilm FinePix F10 is ready to go within 1.3 seconds and with a release delay of just 1/100th of a second the difference between the release and the actual picture is hardly detectable. But the Real Photo Processor can do even more: it ensures the economic consumption of valuable energy and makes it possible for the Fujifilm F10 to take up to 500 pictures with a single battery charge. One of the main arguments in favour of analogue photography is thus refuted as this is even more than some analogue cameras can manage. Finally the Real Photo Processor ensures brilliant, more focused photos within improved detail with its new Contour Correction Processing Technology which automatically calculates the contrast edges and optimizes their depiction. The high light sensitivity of the Super CCD and the optimized depiction of the photos by the Real Photo Processor result in advantages in many situations.

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