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Mark Peters : May 18th 2004 - 07:00 CET

DO Labs releases DxO Optics Pro software

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DxO LabsDO Labs, a software company focused on applied mathematics for image enhancement, announces the availability of DxO Optics Pro, its revolutionary software solution for dramatically improving digital image quality. Designed for use by professional and discerning amateur photographers, DxO Optics Pro software delivers genuine and perceptible quality improvements by automatically correcting images for the following major optical faults: Distortion, Vignetting (free upgrade, available summer 2004), Blur (lack of sharpness), and Lateral chromatic aberration. The modular design of DxO Optics Pro allows photographers to maximize performance of their existing and future equipment.
DO Labs releases DxO Optics Pro software In particular, DxO Optics Pro optimizes image quality when shooting conditions are difficult: wide aperture, extreme focal lengths on zooms, low-light, image edges, wide format sensors, etc? Traditional compromises no longer apply with DxO Optics Pro, photographers can now take full advantage of the possibilities their expensive digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and lenses offer.

"In terms of enhanced image quality and workflow improvement, reaction of early users to DxO Optics Pro has been extremely favourable," said Luc Marin, VP of Business
Development Photography, DO Labs. "Early users in particular noted that the improved image quality came without undesirable side-effects which are so often the downside of software based image-processing. In fact, nearly 100% of early users said the enhanced image looked as if it had been shot with a more expensive lens rather than as the result of software manipulation!"

JR Geoffrion, a professional wedding photographer from Chicago, IL (U.S.A.) and early test user of DxO Optics Pro said, "Image quality is the key to bridal photography. DxO Optics Pro allows me to use extreme wide angle lenses to get in the action while maintaining crispness from edge-to-edge and eliminating distortion and chromatic aberration."

Unique Image Enhancement Concept

DxO Optics Pro is based on a deep mathematical and physical approach combining a 'real-world' analysis and characterization of optical systems with breakthrough algorithms that use this model to produce the final image.

A functional DxO Optics Pro system is composed of at least three components:

1) The DxO Correction Engine, acting as an algorithm platform, also manages the user interface and generic image processing libraries
2) A DxO Camera Body Correction Module, which characterizes the camera body electronics
3) A DxO Lens Correction Module, which models the optical characteristics and properties of the lens

•DxO Correction Modules at the heart of image quality improvements:
The proprietary DxO Optics Pro Correction Module is a sophisticated mathematical model of the imaging device. It is developed by DO Labs for each model of digital camera body and lens. A DxO Correction Module describes the initial image performance of the camera/lens and it also provides the fundamental mathematical ?solution’ to precisely removing image faults and therefore boosting image quality.
•Fully automatic, extremely fast processing batch mode:
The complexity of DxO Optics PRO correction is hidden from the user by providing totally automatic correction. DxO Optics Pro automatically takes into account all the variable parameters that are relevant for the correction (focal length, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc?). Provided the relevant DxO Correction Modules are installed, DxO Optics Pro will automatically correct a batch of images shot with different camera bodies, lenses, settings, etc? Correcting at approximately 2 Mpixel/second (Using an Intel Pentium 4 processor, once image is in memory) , DxO Optics Pro only takes seconds to correct even large images produced by high-end DSLRs.

DxO Camera Body and Lens Correction Modules Availability
DxO Optics Pro will be available on the DxO Optics PRO E-Store (http://store.dxo.com) beginning May 24 2004. DxO Optics Pro will run on Windows (W2000 or XP) and on Macintosh (OS X).

DO Labs will be releasing new DxO Correction Modules on a monthly basis. DO Labs anticipate releasing approximately 200 DxO Correction Modules in 2004. Future DxO Correction Modules will be announced on the website of DxO. The RAW/16-bit version of DxO Optics PRO will be introduced at Photokina 2004.


The price of a functional DxO Optics PRO system is the addition of the individual prices of its components, i.e. the DxO Correction Engine + one or more DxO Camera Body Correction Modules + one or more DxO Lens Correction Modules. This pricing allows maximum flexibility for photographers by enabling them to purchase only those components they need. DxO Camera Body and DxO Lens Correction Modules may be acquired and changed separately.

For example, the DxO Canon 10D Correction Module only needs to be acquired once. After that, only additional DxO compatible Lens Correction Modules need to be purchased. If in the future, the same lenses are used with a new camera body (say the Canon Digital Rebel / 300D), only the DxO Correction Module for the new camera body needs to be acquired. DO Labs is also introducing an initial 25% launch rebate to all orders placed before June 30th, 2004.

   Samples of what DxO Optics Pro software can do
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