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Kodak EasyShare V570 Review

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Kodak EasyShare V570 Introduction
Kodak EasyShare V570 Camera
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Kodak EasyShare V570 Conclusion

Kodak EasyShare V570 Review conclusion

Kodak EasyShare V570 digital camera
The concept of the Kodak EasyShare V570 is both attractive and innovative. The application of two lens systems with two image sensors provides the manufacturers with new ways to employ the camera, as well as offer the usual extra functionality. That it doesn't end with one single camera is proven by the Kodak EasyShare V610, a dual-lens digital camera that was introduced during the writing of this review, and with which the emphasis lies on extra tele range instead of the extra wide-angle we find on the Kodak V570.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Dual-lens system
The impression that the Kodak EasyShare V570 leaves behind after the tests is one of mixed feelings. The dual-lens system offers indisputable advantages, not to mention the fact that this type of wide-angle packaged in a compact digital camera is absolutely unique. However, it remains a pity that the image quality ranges only from average to good, and that we see rivalling 5 Megapixel digital cameras produce better results. Overall, the images are not as sharp as one would expect, which greatly affects the fine details in the image. Granted, the results do improve after applying a little extra sharpness to the image, but this is in fact a process that should already have taken place inside the camera.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - ISO noise values
In addition, the quality of the high ISO images isn't quite up to date. If truth be told, the high ISO images aren't all that usable, and leave Kodak plenty of room to invest a little extra effort. The white balance falters at times, and tends to filter the images in a way that makes them warm, in fact too warm for my taste. Besides this, the Kodak EasyShare V570 puts too much emphasis on the red, green and blue colours in the image. This does give it a slightly feisty edge and strongly saturated colours, but it should be said that not all images benefit from this. Overall, it wouldn't hurt if things were a little less over the top.

Kodak V570 - User friendly digital camera
However, it isn't all bad; the V570 offers plenty of plus points to even out the slightly negative ones. The Kodak V570 is yet another camera that benefits significantly from the EasyShare concept. A lot can be said for the combination of ease and user-friendliness with which Kodak enable the user to operate the camera, and allow images to be transferred to a computer or notebook, or even printed directly. It is as easy as 1-2-3, and it is precisely this type of no-nonsense approach that certain of Kodak's rivals could learn from. The use of the dual-lens system is simply fantastic. The possibilities of wide-angle images are sometimes underestimated in practice, but once you have captured your first beautiful panorama image with help of the built-in panorama software, you will be instantly convinced of the surplus value of a 23mm lens. In addition, the dual-lens system offers the user more freedom, and contributes greatly to one's creativity.

Kodak EasyShare V570 - Video functions
The Kodak V570 features a striking design. The housing has an attractive shape and the material used leaves a solid and stylish impression. The Kodak EasyShare V570 is without question a camera that is easy on the eye, and deserves to be seen. Besides the photo options, the Kodak V570 is equipped with excellent video functions. The images and the sound of the video clips are of superb quality. In addition, the standard supplied docking station offers additional user convenience.

Kodak V570 - Room for improvement
Concluding, I believe that, with the introduction of the Kodak EasyShare V570, Kodak have ventured on to a path that is not necessarily a dead-end. The dual-lens system offers potential, and will appeal instantly to a certain share of consumers. It should be said, however, that the system has not yet fully matured, which leaves Kodak room for improvement. The operation is as one would expect of a Kodak EasyShare digital camera; straightforward and with the emphasis on user-friendliness. The negative sides of this camera seem to be evened out by its plus points. Therefore, we give Kodak the benefit of the doubt, and appreciate the concept that has brought attention to the Kodak EasyShare V570; the world's first digital compact camera with a dual-lens system.

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Kodak EasyShare V570 review

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Kodak digital cameras

Kodak V570 - Secure Digital memory card
The fact that Kodak support the Secure Digital card should come as no surprise. This card receives an enormous share of attention and interest, and these days nine out of ten digital cameras are equipped with a Secure Digital card slot. The storage capacity of the Secure Digital memory card varies from 16MB up to 2GB. We expect to see higher storage capacities soon, although these will only be supported by the next generation of digital cameras. Besides the variety in storage capacities, the SD cards also come with a difference in speed. It is not necessary to combine the Kodak V570 with an exceptionally fast card; a card of standard or medium speed, such as the Ultra II from SanDisk, will suffice. The Kodak V570 is able to capture a series of 2 images with a speed just over 2 images per second, after which the buffer needs to be emptied. The Kodak V570 is not a fast action camera, and therefore does not require a fast memory card.

Considering 256MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 5MP - 2576 x 1932 pixels - 159 images - 1.7MB
Resolution 4.4MP (3:2) - 2576 x 1716 pixels - 178 images - 1.6MB
Resolution 4MP - 2304 x 1728 pixels - 196 images - 1.4MB
Resolution 3.1MP - 2048 x 1536 pixels - 242 images - 1.1MB
Resolution 1.8MP - 1552 x 1164 pixels - 391 images - 675KB
Video resolution VGA - 640 x 480 pixels - 30fps - 8 min 14 sec
Video resolution VGA Long - 640 x 480 pixels - 30fps - 15 min 58 sec
Video resolution QVGA - 320 x 240 pixels - 30fps - 20 min 53 sec

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